DJ: Somebody called and said that they were going to be five minutes late. That wasn’t you? That wasn’t anyone here? Alright.

Audience member: It’s kind of hard to find this place.

DJ: I know. Yeah it’s maybe not the most ideal place, but did I ask for money for this? I think I didn’t.

Audience member: For me I saw a $5 mark.

DJ: I think I suggested you pay $5, because it cost me $20 to rent this place, but this is a nice place, more comfortable and easier to deal with than a lot of places, once you’re in it. You kind of really want to be at a restaurant. I tried a bookstore, but that was too noisy.

Audience member: I’m not going to be in the film.

DJ: Okay, do you want to say?

Audience member: Yeah.

DJ: Then I need you to sign that.

Audience member: He says he wasn’t going to film me.

DJ: That’s okay. I’m going to do an audio recording also. If something happens and you wind up on the film, I need for you to sign that. If you don’t want to do that, I understand.

Audience member: That wasn’t mentioned on the thing.

DJ: I understand if you don’t want to, I appreciate that, but if you’re going to stay here, I need you to sign.

Audience member: Okay, well I’ll sit in the back.

DJ: This will be a question and answer period. We weren’t able to use anything from last time. We might still be able to use pieces of it, but it’s going to be much easier for me to work with it two to three years from now, if there’s a question being asked. I don’t want there being any confusion. But yeah, he’s not gonna film.

Audience member: I’ll just go sit over there.

DJ: That’s fine, but I am doing an audio recording too.

How’s it going?

Audience member: Hi DJ, good. It might help if I remembered what the building looked like, all these look the same.

DJ: Right. There’s probably a better chair if you want.

Audience member: $25 for the room, you ought to have some peace and quiet, don’t you think?

DJ: Yeah, you’ve got a point there, and that’s the only downside. They’re not here every time I’m here. I don’t know what their schedule is. Let me close this. I asked them to do the area closest to us first so that they’d be out of our way, and it’s only $25. Every other place I looked at was substantially more than that.

So now that you’re here, we’re going to be doing a recording, could you sign this?

Audience member: Sure. Quiet is an extra $25.

DJ: Yeah, pretty much. You usually can’t get in there after hours, so to be able to be in a nice safe place like this, after hours is a problem.

I’m going to try and do an audio recording separately, because it’s easier to have your own audio recording when you’re trying to rip something.

Okay welcome. I do have seats this week.

Hi, my name is DJ, welcome. This the NLP institute of Arizona. Tonight’s topic, I remember how I wrote it up, is “What to do when your girl is fucking crazy.”

It’s a topic that a lot of guys struggle with. I am certainly no stranger to that either, and I can’t tell you that I’m absolutely perfect at using all the tools that I know. However,  I’ve gotten much much better at it recently.

There was a time a few years ago, when even though I haven’t had real problems with women, in other words I’ve always had women, I’ve always lined one up before the next one leaves. Sometimes, I have two or three going at once. Sometimes I have two or three going in the same place at the same time. Whatever. That hasn’t really been an issue for me, but there was a time that if a girl was fighting with me, I’d just stay in and keep fighting with her. I would do everything I could to get her to behave rationally and to listen to some damn common sense.

Things have gotten much better ever since I stopped that. So it doesn’t really work that way with women, not that they’re not rational creatures, but yeah, they’re not. So they’re capable of being rational in fact a lot of times. Girls excel over men in using mathematics at school within using that type of rational thinking, that type of rational behavior.

I just came from an investment seminar, and that was one of the things that they talk about, how women are often better at investment strategies because they can just follow the rules. They know what the rules are and they don’t start to get too crazy and go through things. They know what the rules are and they’re clear about it.

If we look at a woman’s brain as being like one quarter rational and three quarters emotional, then it kind of makes sense. What they’re doing is kind of isolating themselves over here to this rational part and disconnecting from the bulk of their reality when they do that.

Sometimes, women will do that just because their emotions are so screwed up that they’ll run off into some rational thing, like clean the house or something like that. They’ll go through a process of something that’s disciplined that they know. That way they can kind of divorce themselves from their emotional parts.

One of the things that struck me as amazing, I’m just going to throw this out here, was when I realized that this woman that I was with one time used sex to avoid her feelings. She used sex to avoid intimacy. I thought that was kind of crazy. I never occurred to me that women were capable of this.
Women and Their Emotions
Women always seem to be these loving wonderful people. When somehow things went wrong in them that had to be fixed, they would return to their loving, wonderful selves. I didn’t realize that they were as complex as they are, but their emotional basis adds a little bit to their complexity I think. They are emotionally based that is why their behavior can be so erratic is. When they’re having problems, they do all kinds of things to try and resolve that, including threats and violence and a thousand other things.

There’s a couple things that occur to me about this. The first is when he is really in his masculine self, he can look at the woman’s emotions as passing clouds. The key thing is not to buy into them. Do not look at the woman as the source of happiness. If we look at the woman as the source of our happiness, then we have a tendency to want to make sure that they’re happy, so that we can be happy. We kind of have permission to be happy if they’re happy.

This is a connection to woman that is similar to our mom. If our mom is happy, if we’re making her happy, if we’re making her laugh, then we’re going to be taken care of. We’re going to be fed or pampered, whatever it is that’s going on. When she’s upset when things aren’t going right, she probably isn’t paying much attention to it.
Emotional Storm
A lot of times it’s common for men to think, “Hey, I need to fix her. I need to return her to her normal logical self so that she then can be the warm loving person that I think all women really are.”

It doesn’t really work that way, because when there’s this turmoil, you can’t fix it.  It doesn’t have the authority over here, but that just leaves this turmoil for later.

The main thing is not to try. You can’t fix this emotional storm with logic. You can’t build a wall to stop it. We don’t have walls that are that big. There are lots of great things we can do with our rational mind. We can build rockets that go to the moon, we can build submarines, we can do all kinds of things, but we can’t stop the weather once it’s started even if we could see clouds and kind of help it to rain in certain places at certain times.