Can you recall that one wonderful night not too long ago when you were pumped full of champagne and great thoughts? You swore to yourself that this is going to be the year you carry out <insert goal here, and you decided to make it happen. And then you screamed something silent above the crowd to your friends, kissed a random stranger, and then danced the night away.

It’s now time for a pulse check. How are you doing on <insert goal here>? Have you achieved it? Are you at any rate on your way to achieving it? The year is about 25 percent finished by the way.

Let’s theoretically say that you surrendered on the goal you set for yourself. Or maybe you’ve since set more goals and now you’re sitting there wasting away doing nothing about them.

We set goals of all standards for ourselves every single day. We’re not establishing goals for our health, we’re setting goals since we want to grow into better versions of ourselves or we want to improve our life experiences. We have personally selected these milestones as a way to make it happen.

There is a basis you want to do these things, so respect that aspiration and do something about it. You can turn this train around if you obligate yourself to doing it. Here are six ways that may help you achieve goals in life.

Look at it. A goal that you can really see is more dominant than a goal you jot down on a checklist.

Vision boards contain pictures (from the magazines) that encourage the maker of that board. Want to lose weight? Cut out a pic of a bikini clad model (don’t pick a model that’s totally out of your league, be realistic). Want to make more money? Cut out a pic that talks to you on that level. You get the notion.

Tell people. When you tell your goals to other people, they can help you get there. You will be surprised by the encouragement you will get from your group. You will be even more amazed by the people who come out of the woodwork to join you in your expedition or secretly root for you, knowing what you’re going through.

Break it up. A lot of people abort their goals because they’re just too big. If you’ve done this to yourself, stop now. Transform your strategy.

Breaking your big goal into small ones will make jumping off the cliff of self-employment a much more feasible option for you.

Set a date. One way to knock out a goal is to place it on your calendar. If you put a risk in the ground and force a date on yourself, you’re much more likely to reach it.

Do you want to run your first marathon? That’s awesome, but it’s useless if you don’t even know which one, when, or where. So before you buy those pretty pink shoes, join a running team or even get off the couch. I recommend you just suck it up and sign up for the actual race. Set a date for yourself so you have something to work toward.

Be realistic. There are some goals that are just too out of this world. You are more likely to achieve goals that you realistically established for yourself.

Don’t set yourself up for disappointment by allowing your dreams get the better of your capabilities. I’m not saying you should not set difficult goals for yourself, just make sure they’re achievable.

Commit to yourself. Lastly, there’s only one person in this goal-setting course of action that counts . And it’s YOU. You’re the one who has to put the hours in at the gym, and you’re the one who needs to stay late at the office to finish that task for your boss so you can score the promotion. You’re the only one getting the paycheck that will pay you out of credit card debt. Commit to yourself and then re-commit yourself each time you fall (because that definitely happens along the way).