In my two futures, I have a disparity.

In one future, I’m a wealthy, international religious figure whose books and teachings transform the minds of men from the theistic prisons they have built through fundamentalism. I am awake, motivated, loving, connected, and inspirational figure.

In the other version, I’m a poor, homeless, lacking meaningful contact, isolated, and broken loser. One of these futures is a conscious choice. The other is fear-focused.

One I must consciously acknowledge and focus efforts toward. The other is what would happen if I lose focus altogether.

Which one will I live? Another future altogether?

As I structure my life and habits one at a time, I build the potentials for the possible futures. The more I grow and stretch my imagination and follow it up with actions however small, the more I create the future of my dreams.

It’s just a matter of returning to my intention and taking steps I’ve planned out so that I stay on course.

I’ve gotten off course before. I’ve been rehearsing my desired future for a long time so I just pick it back up when I recover from a period of distraction. I even recover from brief distraction the same way. I just kick back in with the state that leads to success.

In my one future, it’s all about me and how much I don’t have. In my other future, it’s all about giving and helping and connecting.

Clearly I must think if both ways. This is total engagement. I will leave nothing out, I am already every point of view. I will now act according to how my actions will ripple through the future.

My two futures united: compassion for the fear and self-centered and enthusiasm for the love and generous connections.

I think maybe you’re ready to step through into another world. Maybe it’s time to bring out the new behaviors. Feature those parts of your personality that are focused and determined. Give these parts a way to communicate with each other and have them decide how to organize your days and evenings.

Have the self-centered parts affirmed through personal recognition. What could be better than being known for making the world a better place? Of course, making sure we reach out to a strong market can fascinate the self-valuable selves in service to increasing the life-affirming vibrations in the world.