Consciousness is undefined. The world around us changes all the time.

For most people, they have not focused on increasing their awareness of their own awareness.  The way they think that their bodies and the things around them are the only thing they need to be aware of is funny. Many in the West prefer the observance of rules as all that is needed in higher order thought.  They get their world views from a single source such as the Bible or the Koran.

Talk to almost any meditator or master of any type and they will likely be aware of more than their bodies or the things around them.  The ability of each of us to be observant without judgment is inherent in all awareness.  The simple awareness itself is witness to what is present. Thoughts about what is present, opinions, and actions all come after awareness experiences reality.

Here is how it works. The world around us has already happened by the time we become aware of it. Our opinions, judgments, and even labeling and naming a thing or event happen after we become aware. This point of awareness is the present moment.  Here is what and who we really are. We are the future to what has been and the past in relation to our thoughts. We’re the edge of time and space. We are processing and changing reality and the world around us all the time. It is the nature of being alive.

In a way, we are all masters or are of the stuff of mastery.  To exercise any portion of it is bliss.

It is known that any and all movement that contains the “good” is a movement to expand consciousness.