Let’s talk about the nature of life and what it means. Here on Earth, we have other humans, animals, and plants around us all the time. Some we are attracted to and comfortable with and others just exist and maybe even scare us.

But what is it that’s really going on? Why are there living things in the first place?  It’s a very interesting area to explore and to take a look at when you get into the question of “what is life?” What is consciousness? What is the Universe? How does it all come together?

It seems as though the Universe is built to develop life – like that’s part of its function and purpose. If that’s the case, then it’s reasonable to assume that life must serve an important function in the Universe. Everything around us has a cycle – things are created, they grow, they thrive, they reproduce, and then they decay and die.

Life  seems to continue through all kinds of adversity. It is almost as if there is an innate will to survive within the consciousness that make up life.

This could be related to the double helix pattern of DNA and RNA. What we’ve got here are these bits of material, strands of DNA, and bits of RNA in a co-pattern of energy that interacts with other similar patterns and creates what is known as a “cell.” In advanced species such as humans, this single cell is a minute part of what makes us who we are. However, in less advance species, this single cell represents their entire makeup – their being.

This is a concept that is true for the water bear. As a member of the Tardigrade group, the water bear and others of the kind are small, 8-limb creatures that exist on a microscopic scale. These creatures have been found everywhere. They have been tested in several kinds of environments and they have survived. They seem to be largely indestructible. It is from observing the water bear and other similar species that I have come to the conclusion that survival of life itself is almost certain as life can re-create itself. This is its basic function. The populations of the Earth have ended in extension many times and yet life continues.

The basic premise of consciousness that’s been misunderstood is that your consciousness is not localized. There are local concentrations of it, but it does not belong to the concentration. It does not belong to the individual, so your consciousness is not your own.

As an individual we have thoughts and feelings and reactions and all kinds of other things. We have a complete life. But the consciousness was here before the individual and will remain long after the individual has passed. It gets channeled through these repetitive DNA strands that exist within a body and is expressed as the systems of the individual, the organs. The consciousness will exist whether these strands are doing any activity or not. It’s always around.

In order to activate, consciousness requires electromagnetic energy.  The spinning of iron and other heavy metals that were created in stars billions of years ago provides this.  Earth has an iron core.

One thing is dependent upon another. In order to create life of any form, an evolutionary process has to take place within the Universe.

Another way in which we try to understand life is by looking at its patterns.  Once you understand what you are as a spacious awareness anchored to a physical body expressing it’s energy as movement,  you can begin to observe the nature of the individual and the nature of life.

This comes from allowing everything to be equal and not trying to fit one level of awareness over another. An example of this can be illustrated through the studying of fractals.

In allowing full meditation of the concept,  you can begin to see how the fractal-like structure, the self-similar nature of things, applies to the question of life and death. Sometimes by having that notion available, we are able to allow nature to reveal itself to us and it is possible to gain insight into the Universe through these tools – the tools of Science and of Art. Through these tools, we should be able to see what each of these components reveal about life as well as how they fail to individually encompass the whole.

The Universe is not so much about the individual traits but the relationship between one focused concentration of energy shaped by these DNA strands and the consciousness that collects and flows through.  It all is part of consciousness itself, and therefore, we’re all affected and influenced by it.

I would say that it is highly desirable to strive for awareness and to do things to invest in awareness as well as in the consciousness and understanding of the true nature of life. Allow yourself more opportunities to exist in this space and you too will learn and begin to understand more. We are life and life is us.

There is only one life and we’re ‘it’. That’s the way it works.