What is the one thing that is universal throughout life?

Consciousness. All life-forms have it.

It is found in the atoms and the chromosomes, star systems, and galaxies that are central to life’s experiences.

What little we know indicates that this is necessary for consciousness. It may be the electromagnetic influences that are how matter interacts with itself. It seems this simple truth may have been overlooked but it is imperative to our existence as humans.

Therefore our most valuable gift is not just mere awareness; it’s compassion and awareness together.

So imagine what it would be like if the universe had a sound.  Imagine what the different kinds of sounds would be like as they permeate the atmosphere. Does the universe sound like a rainforest or a steel factory?  Is it harmonious or discordant?  Of course, the answer is yes to both and all questions concerning the universe because if it exists, this is where it exists.

The universe is also made up of our imaginings – open potentials created with every thought – and most of which won’t come true in the way they were imagined.  There is not enough energy behind any one thought to do much.  Thoughts become more powerful with more powerful feelings behind them.  This is true for each and every one of your thoughts.  The vast majority of which will remain forever in the imagination.

So think on these things the next time you start thinking about life.

Featured photo: www.sabiazoth.com