We are going to talk about the idea of the good and evil essentially, but we are going to categorize this differently from good and evil because there is this state of awareness of the emptiness. There is the emptiness state and the awareness of the emptiness state. Also, there is the non-awareness of the emptiness state and all the activities to go along with that. That is essentially the difference, whether or not the awareness of the awakened state is present in the action. This is why it is so impossible to judge.

The other aspect to it is that this awareness of the awakened state exists on two levels. There is the compassionate level, the compassionate way in which people are aware of the emptiness. Then, there is an elevated level. It is where the emptiness is the prevalent model of the universe, and then there is the state of mind where the emptiness is a mere tool.

The emptiness is a tool to accomplish what is the desire in the awakened state. So, a person can have that state of emptiness and the awareness of that emptiness and diminish its importance and its degree of influence, so that existing in that state – being and spending time in that state doing work with intention and other subconscious communication in that state, the state of awareness of the emptiness – is very powerful. But it is really up to those who recognize the emptiness as their true nature and live in compassion. Because it is through that and through the vehicle of the emptiness that the enlightened states are possible and the realization of the enlightened state occurs.

One can be aware of the initial level of emptiness and not become completely aware of the absolute nature of it. Although hesitate to really put that forth, but emptiness is the pervasive reality.

We have to look at consciousness in science as they coexist. Science is a measurement and a historical marker of the progression of consciousness. It is also, of course, the way of measuring and documenting the existence of matter. There is no consciousness without matter, and there is no matter without consciousness so the records are combined. You can’t record movement of the physical world without also recording movement of the consciousness.