How to Be Your Best Self, the Best Version of You!

best self

How to Be Your Best Self, the Best Version of You!

Clearly, there is a best version of our self, a “best self”.  The question is how to bring that about in our daily lives! Everyone needs a structure to live by, a way to understand their balance in the world and in themselves.  This “map,” if you will, is your tool to create the life […] Read More

outsmart yourself

Outsmart Yourself

How smart do you think you are? Probably pretty smart! How about if you were to focus on how to outsmart yourself instead and move up to a whole new kind of game. How often do we look around and take note of certain details, people perhaps, and surroundings? As you do, this you might […] Read More

dual realities

Dual Realities

We are all living in dual realities all the time. Many people believe that changing or controlling their external reality will change their inner reality – thoughts, feelings, and ideas about life. This is actually the opposite of the way it works. People who have control of their states control their external reality by having […] Read More


What Have Fractals Got to Do with It?

It’s consciousness not the contents that is the most precious. Fractals are illustrations of the patterns of life and movement through time. Based on “self-similar” principles, fractals are expressions of geometry that are composed of repeating patterns such as putting one shape into another.  So the patterns formed may repeat endlessly, self-arranging into each other. […] Read More

hero's journey

The Reason for God

When we walk outside on a star-filled night or look into a baby’s face and hear its laughter, we want to believe. We want to believe in something, someone, some power.  We feel that yearning and that longing to connect with who we truly are.  Also, we want to understand because we know that somewhere […] Read More

spirals in nature

Spiral Into Change

So, you want to change your life? Want more happiness, better health, more money, and a more fulfilling love life? Here’s a radical way of thinking I want you to adopt. In life, the context is usually more important than the content. Life exists in patterns. (There’s a cool video at the end of this […] Read More

define your destiny

Get Your Life: Define Your Destiny

Define Your Destiny! Living life according to other’s beliefs and ideas is like having a mansion and only staying in your comfortable bedroom. You have to define your destiny! It is the same as living according to your own childish beliefs which is also a prison of sorts. What you learned as a child is […] Read More


The Torus

A torus is a mathematical theory that explains the universe as continually bending back upon itself. Here’s a video demonstrating this. Ever unfolding and contracting, this video in some ways demonstrates this idea rather nicely. All is either pushing or being pulled.  Both are always happening. Why is there a difference then? Because consciousness makes […] Read More

Communities We Belong To

Communities We Belong To

We’re always looking to expand the reach of our message. Here are links to the communities we belong to.   Success Vector Society of NLP May we each succeed as we pull together.


I Knew Something Was Going on in the World

Something was definitely happening that I was unaware of.  Not just ideas that I hadn’t been exposed to, I thought there must be some sort of hyperawareness in some beings just as there are other levels of intelligence, emotions, and other sensitivities. How could I access this awareness and practice it or whatever one does […] Read More

nature of consciousness

Sometimes I Just Can’t Get It Together

Have you ever felt like you never get much out of life? I have. Is it the nature of consciousness? I used to think I wasn’t good enough to succeed. You know, sometimes, I somehow feel I am not qualified or deserving like everybody else. I did attempt things, but I always quit when obstacles […] Read More


Success Vector

You can’t lose In fact you are a success! Yes, you are a success! You’re living the programs in your unconscious right now! Successfully! If you want something different than what you’re getting, then let’s change the programs. You are a success at doing whatever you are doing. You always will be!  So, why does it […] Read More

What Does It Mean?

suc-cess :  noun  s∂k-ses * the correct or desired result of an attempt to achieve wealth, health, or fame. * the achievement of something planned, desired, or attempted   vec-tor :   noun  vec-t∂r * to change direction or thrust of a moving object in order to steer it. * a force or influence