What Are Gods?

What Are Gods?

What constitutes a being?  Whether corporeal or ethereal, what makes a god a god? Whatever has movement has consciousness.  Various forms of these exist.  The material realm has orbits.  These include atoms, star systems, and galaxies. Each is in scale and has distinct nearly circular orbiting bits and a central core. There’s also the spiral […] Read More

outsmart yourself

What to Do about Fundamentalism?

Fundamentalism is a process of disconnection and dependence: disconnection from compassion which is at the heart of all religious figures, dependence on a slanted teaching and the teachers, and failure to recognize the metaphorical nature of the stories of their faith. Fear is at the heart of it. Fear and a general sense of inadequacy […] Read More

mastery vs fundamentalism

Mastery vs Fundamentalism

This is a debate about mastery vs fundamentalism. Religious institutions are all subject to fundamentalism. Fundamentalism here is defined as a limiting version of a master’s teachings.  Fundamentalists exist in most belief systems. Versions of teachings develop over time and altered by followers and their followers and so on. Fundamentalism excludes outside systems from the ultimate […] Read More

Reincarnation Myth

Reincarnation Myth

Reincarnation Myth Ideas such as the self and reincarnation myth are useful. They are very useful when building things and when changing the environment to make a more ideal life for our bodies and our next venture into the future of our spiral realm: our offspring. It’s important to remember that in a certain light, […] Read More

Personal Connection: A Path to Awareness

In personal connection, we may find a personal path to awareness, spaciousness, and compassion. This is the path to Boundless Luminosity. It’s other than the self as a singular focus. It is self and other than self in focus. M theory, the update of string theory, counts 10+1 dimensions, with 1 being meta-dimensional. Whatever brings […] Read More


Eating to Starve Cancer

Can your diet really make you less prone to getting cancer? Well, someone with cancer decided to test it out to see whether or not this could be proven. He documented everything that happened along the journey so that others would be able to adequately assess the efficacy of this food journey. Right up front, […] Read More

two futures

My Two Futures

In my two futures, I have a disparity.In one future, I’m a wealthy, international religious figure whose books and teachings transform the minds of men from the theistic prisons they have built through fundamentalism. I am awake, motivated, loving, connected, and inspirational figure. In the other version, I’m a poor, homeless, lacking meaningful contact, isolated, […] Read More


Why Shiva Is Popular

The popularity of Shiva has something to do with the destructive aspect of change. And this is one of the most obvious.  Noticing change is a profound state. It is another similarity of death. It is experienced as the passing of things into the past.  This is time itself There also is Brahma.  This is […] Read More

RP 6 different kinds of wealth

So here’s an article that defines wealth in new ways.  I think you’ll find it interesting. http://earthweareone.com/the-6-different-kinds-of-wealth-are-you-wealthy-enough/

hypnosis news

Hypnosis News

In Phoenix, there was a recent piece on hypnosis in the news. Here’s the other hypnosis news, there’s a national hypnosis day! Hypnosis in the News It’s a piece on how hypnosis can help you achieve your goals. I thought it’s a bluff but at least in the news. World Hypnotism Day is recognized each […] Read More


What Future Do We Create?

What do we have to offer to the future?  What do we love and dislike from our past? As time passes what is created in its wake is determined by what the conscious beings leave in their wake. We are the new builders. We are building the present on the works of the past. Whatever […] Read More

AMA vs Organic Medicine

I think that our development shows that we have a strong desire to build community. As humans we want to gather socially and exchange ideas or barter or gossip. We create hierarchies of power. So we have always had healers. It used to be that these healers were in touch with nature in some way. […] Read More

oneness and separateness

Why All Judgment Is Invalid and How to Increase Love

What is the core of the universe and is it knowable?How are judgment, labels, and ownership invalid?How do we increase love? We are observation points in the great cosmos like a node in the structure of things through which time and space are modified. Our separateness is not greater nor lesser than our oneness. Our […] Read More

elephant poaching

Poaching and Violence

When personal greed becomes normalized and extreme political groups need money to help the downtrodden (let’s be realistic, (we) those who are not in the top 1% are potentially the downtrodden, all of us), elephant poaching for cash is one way to get money. Political groups have discovered it, and the countries where it’s happening […] Read More

the universe

It’s Changing All the Time.

The universe is changing. Look around us. Everywhere the truth comes out.  Everything is evolving.  Even consciousness is evolving. Look at how much more we know about the world around us. We know that heavy metals such as iron and platinum come from stars that have already exploded. Their parts gathered together and reformed over […] Read More

Chinese Physicists Achieve Quantum Teleportation over 60 Miles

This is a repost. Here is verification, PHYS.ORG. So hold onto your seats: Chinese physicists are reporting that they’ve successfully teleported photonic qubits (quantum bits) over a distance of 97 kilometers (60mi). Therefor this means that quantum data has been transmitted from one point to another, without passing…

Quantum Mechanics

All of these quantum mechanics explanations of our reality may be possible.  So which ones do you find useful?  Why?

Government vs Corporation

Does our government do enough to hold corporations responsible for the disparity of income in the American society? It is this disparity of income that caused most of the violent situations we have throughout the world. It’s often referred to as oppression. Sometimes, it’s one ethnic group dominating the other. Sometimes, it’s just class distinctions among […] Read More

Peace of mind in Health, Wealth, and Love Life!

Peace of mind in your Health, Wealth, and Love Life! Secure in your purpose – path – peace If you’ve ever felt less than completely secure…  This is for you, read on….. Have you ever wondered when it will be time to feel completely secure in your direction in life and your ability to change the […] Read More

conflict and peace

Conflict and Peace

You and me.  Conflict and peace. What makes war? What makes a great thinker, teacher, and sage?  What are these founders of religions and other traditions like deep inside? What is it like inside their minds? What sort of states of mind do they spend time cultivating? Have you ever wondered? What are the most enlightened states […] Read More

the world around us

How the Energy of Consciousness Works

Consciousness is undefined. The world around us changes all the time. For most people, they have not focused on increasing their awareness of their own awareness.  The way they think that their bodies and the things around them are the only thing they need to be aware of is funny. Many in the West prefer the […] Read More


What’s a Life Worth?

Feelings? What are feelings? Have you ever heard about the monk who laid down near an injured tiger’s den?  He figured that five lives were worth more than his one. Most humans could be described as speciesists. That’s a long word. It means they consider their species as having more rights than other species. Does more […] Read More


Who Is Consciousness? Is It You?

What is this thing we call consciousness? Our destiny is an ever-increasing spaciousness and consciousness. Consciousness is spaciousness. Spaciousness is consciousness. Its nature is who you are. We are all those who are consciousness, and we are also not anyone else. The ways to the infinite do not exist for you never left. Know that […] Read More

religion - boundless luminosity

Boundless Luminosity

Intro: Boundless Luminosity The book is about who we are and what being here means. It’s also about how we created our current circumstances and how we can change some of the directions we have been going and create a new world if we wish. Ever wondered how you might know who’s calling you?  Ever […] Read More

positive thinking

Positive Thinking – Easy As It Sounds?

Is positive thinking as easy as it sounds? No way! No one ever really said it was! Our mind works in a way that lets a stream of continuous never-ending consciousness flow through, whether you are asleep or awake. This consciousness is all ours. It’s everywhere. The thoughts that your neighbor had yesterday may be passing […] Read More

fractals reflect nature

Fractals Reflect Nature, Life, and Reality: Shifting Perspectives

Fractals reflect nature, life, and reality. They describe in a visual sense what we can confirm about our reality or at least the repetitive “self-similar” patterns which are in abundance. Fractals demonstrate how the structure of nature is assembled. Pattern after pattern exists with variations on every level of zoom and within every level of […] Read More