Motivational Practices to Aid You Concentrate on Your Life Objectives

improve happiness

Small Changes to Improve Happiness and Memory

When making change for much healthier practices, concentrating on one small change at once is a more workable strategy compared to aiming to make significant overhauls. Below are some small changes that could make a long-term effect for boosting joy, boosting memory, enhancing performance, and handling tension. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others: Comparing to others […] Read More

sleeping naked

10 Reasons to Consider Sleeping Naked

Do you sleep without pajamas? Or are you more comfy surrounded in the best silk PJs? If you’re the latter, then we are on a mission to turn you to the dark (naked) side with a collection of remarkable truths as to why you must to dump your jammies and sleep in the buff. It […] Read More

my morning routine

Morning Routine for Happiness, Health, and Growth

I confess I have actually never been much of an early morning person. Looking back on my K-12 years, I have no idea how my mama managed to get me from bed every day. When I made it to college, my true self started to grow. Have a look on your own: Fast forward numerous […] Read More

8 evening rituals

8 Evening Rituals to Go to Sleep Happy

Your brain is going to cheat, so isn’t it better if you cheated back? If you build up your days so that the climax is as great as the ending, you will be able trick your imperfect noddle into a more contented and happier existence. You ask how? Well, you better read on! Here are […] Read More


The FCI Recognizes 339 Breeds of Dogs

Evolution is so obvious. I mean, I am looking around my house and all the different things and then realizing that the fruit trees out there have been altered in some ways. We have GMO foods. We got all these things where we are manipulating the data that creates the beings, plants, animals, whatever. Look […] Read More

Republicans Created Donald Trump

Who Created Donald Trump

As it turns out, the Republicans created Donald Trump by getting everybody angry through the use of Fox news and these other fear-based things that keep everybody scared and angry for a long time and that’s who Donald Trump is speaking to. That’s why he is so strong.

Give Unto Caesar

Give unto Caesar

I want to talk a bit about my views on taxation. Ever since Jesus saw Caesar’s picture on the coin and said “Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.” He is saying go ahead and pay your taxes.  In fact he then says “Give unto Heaven what is Heaven’s.”  Separating the church and state. There was big […] Read More

Taking Your Mental Health to the Next Level

Taking Your Mental Health to the Next Level

Mental wellness is sometimes taken for granted with the stigma that comes to acknowledging having mental health issues. This should not be the case since mental well-being should also take priority. Making decisions, coping up with stress, and dealing with others can take their toll on us. It is better if one is psychologically ready […] Read More

6 health benefits of swearing

6 Health Benefits of Swearing!

There is scientific evidence proving that cursing is actually good for your health! Listed below are 6 Health Benefits of Swearing revealed by researchers on the subject: 1. It Increases Intelligence What you parents told you about swearing making you look stupid is actually false! Science has dismissed the myth that cursing is just an […] Read More

Brain Networks Linked to Human Intelligence

Brain Networks Linked to Human Intelligence Discovered

Scientists believe to have identified clusters of genes in the brain that are linked to human intelligence. They called these two clusters M1 and M3. These networks each consist hundreds of individual genes and appear to influence cognitive functions in humans.  For example, processing speed, attention, memory, and reasoning. The researchers who identified M1 and […] Read More

double helix consciousness

Double Helix Consciousness

I want to talk about the spiral, the double helix awareness of consciousness. This is where it really comes down to. We don’t know this and we don’t have a good way of recognizing it. If we study a cell on this level, we’re not typically studying it as it is active, and we certainly […] Read More

good and evil

The Good and Evil

We are going to talk about the idea of the good and evil essentially, but we are going to categorize this differently from good and evil because there is this state of awareness of the emptiness. There is the emptiness state and the awareness of the emptiness state. Also, there is the non-awareness of the […] Read More

state of mind

State Basics

I want to talk about the state of mind. It really is all about the state of mind, which is a moment-by-moment creation of the state. Because the state does not exist by itself, it doesn’t exist well in a vacuum. This is a problem that people run into all the time. They either do […] Read More

belief system

The Purity of Christianity

Let’s think about how difficult it would be for a religion to remain pure. How can it? It’s born from a human touching understanding and expressing boundless luminosity as they perceive it and as they are able to form ideas which represent portions of experience. Every human being has a belief system that they utilize. Traditionally, the […] Read More

lifespan of the universe

Lifespan of The Universe

What is the lifespan of the universe? Does it really have a lifespan? What can we say is a reasonable approach to seeing the universe as a living being with a beginning and an end? Is it an individual identity or perhaps will it continue to recreate itself? In the beginning, there was a release […] Read More

central figure

GOD Uses and Abuses

What is the reason for believing in a spiritual god, a central figure?  Is it useful?  Can it be abused? Let’s look at how a god makes sense.  Let’s also take into account how the self-similar nature of life, the universe, and everything can also be looked at with reflections. These are reflections within a […] Read More

state of awareness

The State of Awareness

Here, we are going to talk about the idea of the good and evil essentially. We are going to categorize this differently from good and evil because there is this state of awareness of the emptiness. There is the emptiness state and the awareness of the emptiness state. Also, there is the non-awareness of the […] Read More

Human Consciousness

The Human Consciousness Flip Switch

The scientists of George Washington University are saying they have discovered that part of the brain responsible for flipping the switch of human consciousness. It is said that when this part of the brain, called the claustrum, is electrically stimulated, human consciousness is turned off. However, when the electrical stimulation is halted, consciousness comes back. […] Read More

The Nature and Consciousness of Life

Life: The Nature and Consciousness

Let’s talk about the nature of life and what it means. Here on Earth, we have other humans, animals, and plants around us all the time. Some we are attracted to and comfortable with and others just exist and maybe even scare us. But what is it that’s really going on? Why are there living […] Read More

Morning Habits of Successful People

Morning Habits of Successful People

People are bound to feel energetic and positive at the start of their day. Successful individuals believe that priorities are priorities and that they should happen first. At least, this is what author Laura Vanderkim says in her book What Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast. Then again, a lot of successful individuals believe in […] Read More

10 Mind-Sets To Help You Become Wealthy

10 Mind-Sets To Help You Become Wealthy

Considering the success of wealthy businessmen such as Andrew Carnegie who started from scratch, journalist Napoleon Hill went on to research how more than 500 self-made millionaires became wealthy. Now, his famous book, Think and Grow Rich, has turned out as a pivotal resource for all those who want to feed their brains in making […] Read More

15 Key Steps For Achieving Happiness

15 Key Steps For Achieving Happiness

15 Key Steps For Achieving Happiness Everyone intends happiness but sometimes, unwilling people gear themselves towards discontentment. Nobody technically desires to start the day while thinking to settle for things that would make him or her unhappy. It is because of the fact that they lack confidence to stick around things that embed true happiness. […] Read More

Future of Mankind - Destroyed Biodiversity

The Future Of Mankind

What have we done? What will our future be? Where are the trees and the butterflies? Why is the top 1% of the population so out of touch with the needs of the rest? Almost all of our medicines are derived from what we’ve found in nature.  We have found ways to combine nature and […] Read More

Don’t Ask For It, Inspire Her Desire For You

What is it that they want? What is it that men want? Clearly if the woman is inspired to have sex, that’s great. As a matter of fact, not everyone can acclaim to this message. As such, I thought that it would be great to explore this topic as I was approached by many women […] Read More

The Science Behind Success Vector

Success Vector Hi! It’s DJ. I want to talk a little bit about Success Vector and the aspects of it that I think are the most important. So success vector is a way of understanding the universe. The universe exists in mathematical formulas; it exists in gravity, and it exists in radiation of different forms. […] Read More

The Most Valuable Gift Ever – Consciousness!

What is the one thing that is universal throughout life? Consciousness. All life-forms have it. It is found in the atoms and the chromosomes, star systems, and galaxies that are central to life’s experiences. What little we know indicates that this is necessary for consciousness. It may be the electromagnetic influences that are how matter interacts […] Read More

13 Things Mentally Strong People Avoid

13 Things Mentally Strong People Avoid

Mental strength takes time and effort to cultivate. For all of us, there are certain challenges that, no matter how hard we try, we always fall short in one way or another. We can define mental strength by looking at things that mentally strong people do not do. Lists like these have been created time […] Read More

Equal Or More Equal

Who are the takers and who are the makers? If I work all day for a company, aren’t I the maker? More Money More Equal? Just because some other guy gets most of the money, does that make him more equal? He’s just the taker.  He takes the profit from my labors. I’ve been on […] Read More