The Buddha Mind

Buddha Mind

The Buddha Mind

I want to talk about what it means to have the Buddha Mind. It’s a Tibetan language they call Bodhicitta: Bodhi for the Buddha and Citta for the mind. The thing is this. This is important to remember because this is the key function of the whole thing. Enlightenment is not anything you aren’t already […] Read More

sky-like nature

I am the Spaciousness and the Patterns

I am the spaciousness and the patterns, I am not the non-spaciousness. I am the spaciousness within and the spaciousness without. The sky, I am like the sky, and all things happen within. The sky within, the sky without. From the most minute sky, to the vast outer-reaches of the depths of light’s penetration. What […] Read More

happier life

10 Habits You Must Stop to Have a Happier Life

Everybody seems to be unendingly searching for happiness. There are times when we blame situations or people for the stuffs that make us feel otherwise, when in fact it all starts within ourselves. It all begins within our own minds. If you feel like your search for happiness is never-ending, and all you want is […] Read More

different states of mind

The State You Create

Here I am, kind of undecided. There are some instructions that I want to give about how to generate different states of mind. Specifically, how to take states of mind and build a pattern of them, which can lead you to a better more functional state. State of mind is really everything that it comes […] Read More

lay buddhist

Undivided Mind and Spiritual Development

  Over the last half-century, Buddhist rituals in the West have grown in popularity. Mindfulness has become linked to stress reduction, enhanced immunological protection, psychological well-being, and profound states of happiness. In many cases, mindfulness has been uncoupled from the Buddha’s teaching altogether. It’s a stand-alone cognitive therapy for the treatment of various mental difficulties, […] Read More


The Pursuit of Happiness

The pursuit of happiness can be a lifelong quest for certain people. Researchers think they may have discovered a key feature in feeling a greater overall sense of well-being. Those who feel a strong sense of fitting in to social groups are much happier people. This is according to new research by psychologists. Nottingham Trent University […] Read More


10 Signs That Your Body Lacks Water

Water makes up about two-thirds of your body weight, and a person cannot live without water for more than a few days. Every cell, organ, and tissue in the body depends on water. It plays very vital roles like the following:   It helps maintain the balance of body fluids. Regulates and maintains body temperature. […] Read More

smallest thermometer

Smallest Thermometer Made of Genetic Material

The world’s smallest thermometer is 20,000 times tinier than a single human hair. Oh, and it’s made out of genetic material. Researchers from the Laboratory of Biosensors and Nanomachines at the University of Montreal state that they have produced a thermometer out of DNA in a recent article in the journal Nano Letters. DNA molecules […] Read More

climate change

Climate Reclamation Now

When it comes to the environment, to planetary climate change, and the like, I for one think that the long-term timeline that they’ve calculated, of 50 to 100 years, is probably not going to hold true. I believe that we’re in for faster changes than we think. I think that climate change is going to be […] Read More

animal kingdom

Tend My Flock

Today, I want to talk about Christianity, the animal kingdom, and the environment. Christian faith has got some very interesting ideas in it which are largely ignored by Christians today. Nowadays, it seems the faith is typically centered on emotional dramas, trauma, and fear. These ideas have a lot of reason to them and there are […] Read More

brain stimulation

The Secret to Learning

Vincent Walsh wants to zap your brain. He’s at the forefront of neuroscientific research, with the use of deep brain stimulation to deal with depression. Walsh, professor of human brain research at UCL, has been “designing new paradigms for brain stimulation” for twenty years. He’s experimenting with transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), a non-invasive form of […] Read More

dark matter

Galaxy Class Consciousness

Scientists have discovered a mysterious force in the universe; they are calling it Dark Matter or Dark Energy. This is what we call “the boundless luminosity.” Astrophysicists claim that this force is what is binding the stars together. They claim that the overall gravity acting in the galaxy exceeds the gravity of the mass of […] Read More

Buddhist Communication Tricks

Buddhist Communication Tricks for Relationships

Cynthia Kane, 35, wasn’t always as happy as she is today. Now a successful writer and mindfulness coach, she bears an easy air of gracious self-possession. But Kane hit a crisis point after a close friend and ex-boyfriend died in 2011. His passing prompted her to start reexamining everything in her life, including how she’d […] Read More

nature of religion

Nature of Religion

Let’s talk a little bit about the nature of religion, because virtually all religions have to do with the spirit model of the four ways of looking at the structure of the universe. There’s the spirit model wherein there’s a God or gods. There’s the energy model wherein it’s all energy of some sort (magnetic, […] Read More

mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness Meditation Alternative

We see more studies showing us how mindfulness meditation can transform the brain, make us feel better, and better our lives in general. But what if it does not work for you? Maybe the exercises that were expected to take you to a calm place made you feel anxious or irritable. Maybe your reaction was […] Read More

sense of purpose

Research Says a Sense of Purpose Puts In Years to Your Life

For some people who are undergoing depression and anxiety, their devastating symptoms make it difficult to keep their jobs. Unluckily, job loss only worsens their mental well-being. Having zero income not only distresses their bank accounts, but it also causes their overall welfare to fall. For most of these people, not having a job implies […] Read More

achieve goals

Ways to Achieve Your Goals

Can you recall that one wonderful night not too long ago when you were pumped full of champagne and great thoughts? You swore to yourself that this is going to be the year you carry out <insert goal here, and you decided to make it happen. And then you screamed something silent above the crowd […] Read More

social structures

Why It’s OKAY to Forgive Christians

Christianity formed as a way to organize larger groups than, for instance, the tribal gods at the time would allow for. Creating monotheism is kind of a natural outcropping from theistic beliefs in the first place. Let’s think about how this got created because clearly it was the creation of the empire that shifted humanity […] Read More


Being of Service

I went to a service today at a church called the Unitarian Universalist Church. I suppose it’s the congregation in Phoenix, but at any rate, the church is up on Lincoln and 40th Street. This month they’re talking about service. Service is something that I miss, after having been relatively isolated for the past year […] Read More

being happy

Lying to Yourself About Being Happy

If you are doing this, you are lying to yourself about being happy. You say you are happy in your relationship, or marriage. You are probably only saying it though. You feel secure. You got married. You have a house. You even have kids. You say that you are in love. You are really not happy because you […] Read More

7-Minute Happiness Routine

7-Minute Happiness Routine

Happiness is something you have to rediscover sometimes. You have fallen into some unhealthy forms of thinking , your career has taken a slump, or you just cannot move that widget corporation off the ground. It’s time to go seeking for happiness once more. In my understanding, your point of view demands reconfiguring on a […] Read More



The idea of connection is very important. It’s through connections with others that we access our connection with the universal self. So part of the human condition is the desire to connect on a larger, broader scale than even the individual family. The idea to reach out beyond, to be even more inclusive, and to […] Read More


Consciousness: Everything Is Connected

All consciousness is linked in the first place. Certain agents govern the linking of individual units of consciousness and other agents govern individuation of the larger consciousness. There is no denying that everything in the universe is affected by everything else. This is one of the real mysteries of modern science. In a lot of […] Read More


Politics and Selfishness

What we’re learning about is the difference between the individual as a priority and the overall network as a priority: this is the lesson and this is the dilemma. This is what all of the sages and prophets and “god incarnates” have been trying to tell us. It’s all the same thing. It’s also what […] Read More


Interpersonal Experience and Fear

When we are close to people, we often have times when we are forced to question our closeness. We question the validity of the connection. Often, the distance between us becomes all too clear and we begin to feel the separation. I want to discuss methods for improving the sense of connectedness to increase the […] Read More

Discover and Live Your Purpose

Have you ever felt like your life doesn’t seem to have meaning, like you’re not going to amount to anything, and like you’ll never get the chance to make a really big impact? Do you feel as though your life is just being wasted? Countless people struggle with these feelings of worthlessness. They compensate for […] Read More


How Mindfulness Can Influence the Brain and the Body

Life nowadays can be stressing.  But scientists are discovering that a simple form of ancient practice can relieve a long list of modern illnesses. Mindfulness to reduce stress It’s called the Serenity Study. Kent State University psychology professor David Fresco is the project leader. “At a neurobehavioral level,” he says, meditation transforms , “the way […] Read More

be happy right now

Seven Best Ways to Train Your Brain to Be Happy Right Now

So what’s the first thing you must do before you can be happy? Be happy. Be happy first. Being happy opens up your learning centers. Your brain will illuminate like Manhattan skyscrapers at dusk, glisten like diamonds under jewelry store lights, and shine like stars in the sky. To make it easy for you, here we have listed […] Read More

teenage parenting

7 Vital Things to Do to Be Excellent Parents of Teenagers

Whether you’re a mom and dad on your own, or merely assume you could turn into one at some point, it’s worth checking out. Raising happy kids is hard enough. Teenage parenting? That’s a different story. Below are 7 vital points to carry out in order to be excellent parents of teenagers: Let your kids know they […] Read More


Meditation in Daily Life

The reality is that meditation is designed to familiarize you with a certain state of mind and to make that sate of mind accessible to you at all times. This is because you’re becoming familiar with a sort of a static piece of it during the time that you sit or walk or whatever it […] Read More