Life for its imperfections

Life for its imperfections

Life for its imperfections

I remember learning how to differentiate between real plants and fake ones when I was a child by noticing their imperfections; and I noticed that virtually all real plants (I suppose that there may be exceptions in certain flower arrangements), all real flowers have their imperfections while the manufactured ones seem to not need them. […] Read More

father-daughter bond

My Bond with Zuri

My daughter just left. She came to visit me. It was her first time driving on her own from San Diego. She’s been there for about 5 years or so. At any rate, it was good to see her. My heart just was happy. I was talking to her about that too, about the bond, […] Read More

army years

Joan and the Early 1980s

In 1982, I had moved out of a commune. I had lived in communes in Sedona and Phoenix, and then I just kind of lived in a small apartment. We must have been much poorer than I remember being, but at any rate, I don’t remember having a lot of money. I lived in a […] Read More

dark matter

Dark Matter and Dark Space

There are a few interesting things happening that science is telling us. For instance, the galaxies don’t rotate faster in the center than they do on the outside, which is the way we would normally, in our science and in our understanding of gravity, know what is going on. It turns out the galaxies tend […] Read More


I Love You!

January 2nd, 2017. I just want you to know that I love you. The truth is I loved you as deeply as I could. For as long as I could, and as well as I could. I know that it wasn’t enough. I know that in addition to loving you, I had a million other […] Read More

sexual urges

Flawed Prophets

Spiritual traditions, religious traditions, often have prophets who are what we might consider to be immoral or unclean in their dealings. This is an interesting phenomenon. For instance, in the western tradition, in the Bible, there’s God’s favorite King David. Here’s the funny thing. I was having a conversation with this Christian the other day, […] Read More


How the States Represent Themselves

I’m thinking about the government and how and why the US government is the way that it is. It was intended to allow the states to represent themselves, and politics was much more localized. I believe in the original document that the representatives chose the senate, and the house was done by popular vote, I […] Read More

increase motivation

Hacks To Increase Your Motivation When You Need It Most

Scientists find it interesting to figure out what motivates people. That’s beneficial for us, since we can use their findings about the general population to know what we personally suits us the best. Let us look at some of the major findings on motivation from science and how we can turn them into practical actions […] Read More


Why Women Are Unhappy and What Men Can Do About It

This is called “Why women are unhappy in the world, and what men can do about it.” The premise here is women are unsatisfied, and humans are unsatisfied in general. This is one of the basic tenets of Buddhism. The first noble truth is the noble truth of suffering.   In Buddhism, they totally acknowledge that […] Read More

Higher Purpose

Why Purpose Is So Important

Man: Well, I work out. I go to work. I go home. It seems like my day is never over. I’m still serving. I’m still doing. I don’t seem to be getting ahead. DJ: Okay, right. Man: I don’t know what it is, and I don’t have enough. Even right now I don’t have enough […] Read More


What to Do When She’s Crazy

DJ: Somebody called and said that they were going to be five minutes late. That wasn’t you? That wasn’t anyone here? Alright. Audience member: It’s kind of hard to find this place. DJ: I know. Yeah it’s maybe not the most ideal place, but did I ask for money for this? I think I didn’t. Audience member: For me […] Read More

Animals and babies

Animals and babies are the innocents I just watched a video where a police officer went to a persons house and shot the family dog.  The officer went to the house to tell the residents that their car door was open in the driveway.  From the way he was so quick to draw this weapon […] Read More

Quotes of enlightenment

There is a common theme when Masters describe the truth. I was recently reminded of this with the death of David Bowie.  He made famous a variety of persona’s which he would immerse himself in and then abandon as quickly as releasing a new album!  He definitely had innovation down.  Only a Master could transform […] Read More

spirit realm

Ultimate Reality

DJ: So you’re saying that these marketers are keeping daily contact with me? Man: Yes. DJ: And that they have quality content on their website that they update regularly? Man: It’s been interesting, I think. Mark Rippetoe, the Motley Fool bunch, they’ve already been doing that kind of thing for at least a decade. They’re pretty […] Read More

centered awareness

Nirvana: Is It Here Already?

So the senses, and this is kind of what all the great teachers have said, “The natural inclination for people often seems to be to distrust themselves and their perceptions.”, and that sort of thing, but here’s the reality of it: We are already living in the realm of great compassion and the realm of great […] Read More

sky-like awareness

Modern Primitives

Let’s talk about sky-like awareness. I think it’s important to understand that we are modern in our accoutrements and we are primitive in our motivations, and this is just a large portion of reality. Now, there are many among us who are fairly sophisticated in their motivations. Motivations are not necessarily simply about lustful urges. They […] Read More


Masculinity and Self-Leadership

Today, I went to the congregation, the Unitarian Universalist Congregation services. There’s a gentleman there by the name of Emrys Dant Statton, I think. I’m not exactly sure of his last name. He talked today about the new form of masculine love, or something like that. I didn’t exactly follow exactly what he was saying. The things he […] Read More

friend Jim

Jim Wyatt

DJ: Okay so when I was young, one of the things that happened when I was with my friend Jim, Jim Wyatt. Jim was my good friend whose mother was a witch and I rented a room from her. She read taro, and like this is kind of the world I moved into. I moved in […] Read More


Connection Interview

DJ: So Jenique says, “You want to take her, because I’ll be gone for a couple of days and she’ll just be alone?” I’m like, “Yeah, Squirrel misses her.” And she’s like, “Oh yeah, Squirrel misses her, right.” I’m like, “No, seriously. The cat misses her. They were best buds.” She’s kinda quiet. I think that’s […] Read More

five buddha families

Logical Chaos Families

DJ: Alright so here’s what we’re doing. This particular talk is about a comparison of the five Buddha families and Robert Dilts’ work on the logical levels. So here we have the first two families: one is the Vairochana, and this is spaciousness, the color is white. It’s peaceful and transform’s anger. It’s also considered to be the […] Read More


Sometime in April I think, I found a kitten on a rainy day and I named her Puddles. She was I think about a week old, maybe a little less even actually. Watching her development, I think maybe I was overestimating it. She may have only been three or four days old. I don’t know, […] Read More



I want to talk a little bit more about the expressions. Think about, let’s say, leaves on a tree. Leaves on a tree are fresh every year. Do they reincarnate? Okay so now let’s think about all the different things to go on. Time is interesting. You have to consider that many two-dimensional things are representative […] Read More

best self

Living Your Purpose

What is your purpose? Are you living your purpose and being bigger than you could have been otherwise? What is it? What does it do? How does it work? What are we talking about? Well, here’s what I want to tell you: we have a process to discover. Discover your higher purpose. Now this is […] Read More


DJ’s Childhood

  DJ: Hello, this is DJ; it’s the 31st of March 2016. At any rate, I’m going to take you outside with me while I feed a feral cat colony. I’ve been using a trap, neuter, and release program. However, there’s a little bit of a complication right now, in that the last trapping didn’t trap all of the […] Read More


Realization of Emptiness

DJ: I was hearing something on the radio today about training the police and how the police have all these things and not that much training. They’re under trained. I think you could train in that stuff regularly, like continually if you’re a police officer. Man: Some of the Police officers lift weights so they get pretty buff. Not […] Read More

increase connectedness

How to Increase Connectedness

There are people that we’re close to, but sometimes, we question that closeness. We question whether we’re able to connect or not. Sometimes, we feel the distance, and we feel the separation. I want to talk about how to increase the connectedness, the love, the compassion, the empathy, and just the connection, the sense of […] Read More

Second Amendment


DJ: Yes, what is that? Our country has only started being free? Man: It started when our country broke away and formalized its own government. It was based on the freedom of the people idea. Wasn’t it? DJ: More freedom with the landowners because there were privileges given to landowners that were not given to […] Read More

mammalian evolution

Mammalian Evolution

Given the vast expanse of the universe and what we know about life, what we observe here locally, that life is very hearty and capable of much more than we have been imagining it. For instance, we’ve discovered life that lives on the sulfur vents of the ocean floor, so the idea that the double […] Read More

Boundless Luminosity

Boundless Luminosity

Boundless Luminosity, the key to it, as far as I can see, is the self-similar nature of the patterns themselves, and I think it’s the patterns themselves and the movement of energy and information and all the different factors that we have going on that generate the consciousness, where the consciousness generates these things. At any rate, […] Read More



Here’s the thing how you make this plan work, now that the evidence of our destruction is glaringly obvious. What do we do? It’s really not enough that we make a partial effort here. We need to have this conversation: What you and I do? What we can do? We really need to be talking […] Read More