I am the spaciousness and the patterns, I am not the non-spaciousness. I am the spaciousness within and the spaciousness without.

The sky, I am like the sky, and all things happen within. The sky within, the sky without. From the most minute sky, to the vast outer-reaches of the depths of light’s penetration. What lies between and beyond?

It only makes sense that the cells use the DNA, very much like the body uses the brain. The body full of information processing circuitry. Things happen. Before the brain even receives the signal, muscles can react. So the brain isn’t everything, and yet within the brain lie the larger patterns of behavior, the information that creates those, and within the cell, the structure that has the most information in it is the DNA sequences. Both forms of DNA sequences have a good amount of information, and I think that our behavioral structure, in other words, the structure itself upon which our personalities are built, lies within the DNA. So it tells our body what kind of face to make for us, you know, how big the different things are supposed to be, how proportional they’re supposed to be, and how our fingerprints are supposed to swirl. The tendencies for all these things, the groundwork, are all laid out within the DNA.

All the information our bodies needed to create themselves is there, and when it passes certain other things pass among the half-cells, the egg, and sperm, nevertheless, the foundation pieces are within the cells of how the body is built, and that includes the neural networks. Overlaid on that are the conditions within the womb, infancy, and early childhood. Then the various other things that society implants, the language, which is the structure that we’re taught about things through language, things have names.

If we look into it, the names have roots, and historic reasons for the words, it’s an interesting thing that we still carry earlier cultures with us in things like our language.

So, we are the spaciousness. It’s important to remember that the sky-like nature of who we are is always with us. There has never been a time when that sky-like nature has not been with us. That’s not to say that we had access to it. The focusing of certain things causes us to focus on the material. We absolutely have to focus on the material world in certain situations, and yet we can learn to pay attention to the sky-like nature that is with us even in situations where we might otherwise not.

So in many ways, what makes it feasible to become awakened in a way simply comes down to the ability to access this spacious nature, the sky-like consciousness, and recognize that our consciousness, the consciousness that exists is perhaps ours to, you know, our body, our idea of self, is merely an extension of the spaciousness, in a way.

Once again, we have everything being self-similar, everything, even the smallest things are very much like the largest things. We have repeating patterns of scale here also, and it is how we choose to perceive it. In many ways, it is the way it is, and so, for instance, a person raised in the desert is likely to have a different point of view about certain things, at least landscape features, than a person raised in the forest or near an ocean or river, except some, you know, or just a city in rural, or urban.

So the structures are built, but they’re all built within the spaciousness, and all structures are temporary. Everything evolves and changes, even the surface of the earth has been moving, you know, the continents, once one continent, are drifting apart. The earth is out of balance because the iron core is knocked off center. So it spins a bit lopsided in that way, and there’s a lot of things going on here, and the thing is that everything that we have ever know of is temporary. So we don’t really know more about it than that in a lot of ways. The only thing that we can see that we suspect may not be temporary are black holes, but imagine if the black holes actually pulled everything in, if the black holes actually pulled in all of the white eventually pulled each other into singularity, and then exploded, you know, that may be the pattern. Perhaps universes happen on a smaller scale within this universe. Okay, maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about, but how do we calculate the amount of a big bang? How would we know? It may not matter. That may be more a function of necessity or intentionality in some way. It’s so hard to say, but we think of the universe as a closed system. We think of time as having a beginning. What if time had no beginning? You know, we don’t.

It’s hard for us to fathom what actually could have happened in the beginning of time, like if there was a time with no time and now we’re in a time. Of course, that would mean that it’s possible to exist in and out of time, but my assertion here is that it’s happening all the time that we are in a constant state of creation and destruction. Everything that we see around us is in a constant state of creation and destruction. It just seems like a cycle. Certain things are created, and certain things are destroyed. When something is destroyed, something else is created. It may be less organized than the first thing. It may seem more chaotic. Nevertheless it’s still there.  

Okay, what I’d like to do at the end of these is to put some sort of call to action. I want to edit it back to, I don’t necessarily have to have rambled on for so long. I think I made my point about a third of the way into the whole ramble. So I think we can post a blog there. Then maybe we could post a link to the full article or something like that, at any rate, thank you.