Intro: Boundless Luminosity
The book is about who we are and what being here means.

It’s also about how we created our current circumstances and how we can change some of the directions we have been going and create a new world if we wish.

Ever wondered how you might know who’s calling you?  Ever looked out into the universe and thought about time or felt the awesomeness of space?  Or ever thought that the various gods in the world’s religions are only man’s representation of something much much larger than any god could possibly be?

Do you thirst for truth but find religion stifling?

Do you wonder how the earth will survive the abuse we’ve been giving it?

Or do you wonder how you personally can begin to heal the planet and the environment we’ve created?

In these words, I will describe what has been revealed to me.  I will show you glimpses into how our universe is organized.  I will lay out steps anyone can take to increase harmony, joy, and pleasure.  I’ll tell you how to participate in the patterns that are happiness and lay out what has become clear to me about happiness and love.  I will talk of various views of the universe within and all around us.  We’ll consider what consciousness is and what our role in it is supposed to be.

By understanding what composes consciousness, we have the perspective and tools to be more flexible in our behavior and more capable of creating a world of happiness and fulfillment.

This knowledge is not for everyone.  Everyone can use it, but everyone is not ready for it. Revealing it to the general public will empower some people beyond their stability and their ability to be compassionate.

Yet if those who’ve seen for themselves don’t speak out, many who would be like minded in their future creation who need this information would not know.  They will get the most out of the views I express here.  They will also be the ones who benefit us all the most.  May they take the learnings and take us in a new direction.  A direction we haven’t even seen yet.  A direction we will want to see.  A thriving compassionate future!

What will that take?

A little warning, compassion is at the core of consciousness.  Consciousness wants to be happy. Being selfish can destroy people, so learn fully and enjoy your life with Boundless Luminosity!

What would you do if you could travel in time in a variety of ways, accessing the future and healing the past? Is it reliable? Is it understandable?  What will happen when you can access awakened states at will?

There are a few ways to get perspective and become more clear headed about how the universe works, how patterns appear, and how they can be used to propel one’s self ahead into one’s dreams.  Leverage is the name of that game. It’s this perspective of expansion and another state such as joy or enthusiasm
Why Me
Born in 1959.  Rumored conception in Sedona.  Began my “search” in earnest when I was six.  Studied religion, Christianity first, then more Christianity, Eckankar, Wicca, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Philosophy, Neuro Linguistic, Programming! 2-step programs and a whole variety of therapies.
Why Religion
As tribes formed, they developed a story for things like the origin of the universe and as such.  The characters in these stories are as sophisticated as the lives of their contemporaries, which means that our minds and societies got complicated quickly.
All the basic building blocks of our personalities are present in every race and every species.  Many species of animals pretend to be something they are not in order to trick other species.  The cuckoo bird is a perfect example. They lay a couple of eggs in another birds nest and the other bird gets confused and raises them both.
Religion is natural when beliefs and powers are imposed from the outside. Typically a person of quality gathers a following and then forms a religion, hopefully after his doctrine. The new teacher isn’t a follower of a religion. Typically they aren’t accepted into the fold with their contemporaries. They are stand-alone, lone wolves, if you will. Yet they tend to gather followers.

Since early times in the east and the west, the gods were representations of different spiritual ideals and/or a force of nature. Each is a representation of deep meaning and deep states of mind, as though our ancestors were given to observing the mind in great depth.
What about Fractals?

Patterns in our universe are reflected in mathematical patterns which when arranged visually create visual patterns of infinite depth.  These patterns resemble the patterns in nature.  The patterns of life and movement are in these patterns.

These mathematical patterns are called fractals.
What about Time and Space
Time is as the universe matures.  We don’t actually know how old the universe will become or how distant the edge of space becomes.  Space is the passage of time. As time and distances increase, space expands to hold it.  Space is the container and time is the observed.  It is compassion for what is and what changes.
Intersecting Waves and Patterns
The Jewel in the Lotus Intersection
What is wisdom and compassion, and how do we experience it? There is a very tip of experience that is just ahead of us.  Sometimes it can take years to understand what a particular experience is.  Scientists often work on understanding for lifetimes and make only some progress in expressing the details. This is where what could be meets what has become. It is the actual point where time becomes the past. It is a specific wrinkle running through the entire universe.  It’s really this energy that contains the most potential.  It’s this energy that is activated by all circular and spiral pathways and movements.  This is the spark of life, universal love, Holy Ghost, Great Spirit. This is the Boundless Luminosity.
The Environment
It is the life that is the earth,  experience, and spaciousness.