I want to talk a little bit more about the expressions.

Think about, let’s say, leaves on a tree. Leaves on a tree are fresh every year. Do they reincarnate?

Okay so now let’s think about all the different things to go on. Time is interesting. You have to consider that many two-dimensional things are representative of three dimensions, just like a photograph. You can’t see all three dimensions in a photograph, but you know that the photograph was taken in a three-dimensional world, or multi-dimensional world, however we want to put that. At any rate, we know that it’s a two-dimensional representation of a much larger three-dimensional world.

So every life is more like a blade of grass than its own little world. I don’t know how else to say that. Are the blades of grass around you important to you? Heck yeah! It’s different from that. I’m saying it’s more like one than the other. I’m not saying that they’re the same. When we are thinking about reincarnation, or any kind of an afterlife, heaven or hell, or any kind of a continuation of something, it’s important to note that none of this was ever separate in the first place.

Genes that set up the patterns that grow, the individual that seeks reproduction, and all of the other phenomena that are going on, okay, are happening within the consciousness itself. So this is what I’m saying. Everyone is only a temporary expression of this consciousness, but this consciousness is still going to exist. This is you. You are not the things that you’ve created. You are the great one with everything, and that perspective allows you to know and understand everything that you need to know and understand.
This is the way to consider it. If you have an opportunity, you can try this on and see how it fits. Consider that every human, every being, every animal, every everything. We can’t really say this about animals, but all beings have been your mother. What a fascinating analogy. All beings have been your mother. I still love that.

Okay but let’s think about humans. Humans don’t realize that they’re connected with the infinite. They haven’t paid attention to that part of their mind, at least many of them; it’s certainly not a popular thing in the West. In the West, everything is about actions, and none of it is about perceptions. That’s just unfortunate, because certainly actions are a big deal, but they actually are about actions that are centered around furthering the self.

This means the pleasure of a single individual. They’re using this knowledge of pleasure and pain and of people’s emotions and things like this to gain for themselves instead of contribute to the health of the whole. So this is not the smartest way, and that particular pathway is one that leads to discordance, if you will. As humans, while our perception is passing through reality, we have a lot of capabilities of maneuvering that reality. We do this as it moves from the future into the past. If our past has been growing a toxic nature, then we definitely need to change our ways.

We’re kind of like a smoker in denial, with our climate and our environment. “Oh, you know, it’s not that bad, it’s not a big deal. It’s just a little this, a little that.” Now the scientists, the doctors essentially, are going: “Hey, you know, the prognosis is not good. You’re heating up. Maybe you need to back off on some of this carbon-dioxide and carbon-monoxide that you’re putting off.” And then good grief, there’s chemicals gassing off all over.

In the West for sure, there’s plastics, dyes, adhesives, lubricants, and everything else. It just all gases off for however long it does until it eventually falls apart, or it decomposes in some other way, but not really decompose. Some of that stuff is going to remain pretty solid for a long time. A lot of it does produce gases and or dust and other things that happen as they deteriorate.

I’ve been noticing these things for a while and just wanted to draw them to your attention. This is partly because not very many people are talking about them at this point. We certainly don’t see it on the news, and we don’t hear it in the presidential campaign. Most educational places don’t understand anything about being in the moment or what So it’s left out of our education system. It’s left out of our procreation system, because I think that it’s a very important part of procreation, not necessarily procreation. I think this experience is accessed and shared through love making, or at least it can be. Not all sex is going to do that, but when it does, it does.