In personal connection, we may find a personal path to awareness, spaciousness, and compassion.

This is the path to Boundless Luminosity. It’s other than the self as a singular focus. It is self and other than self in focus. M theory, the update of string theory, counts 10+1 dimensions, with 1 being meta-dimensional. Whatever brings about compassion and connection is an opportunity to expand into the infinite, the depth, and the expanse. Self has mirror neurons. Self changes whenever we are around another face. We take on the qualities of others by mirroring their qualities, such as posture, gestures, facial expressions, etc. when we are connected to another.

So many things communicate. Our pheromones communicate in person, while our tonality, expressions, and posture carry messages all on their own. Together we say quite a lot even if we aren’t talking. Forget the words. Forget the tonality and all the auditory. The physical tells most of the story. And if there is eye contact, “There we can see into the infinity that is beyond me.”

On some level we become whomever we connect with. We imitate their movements and patterns of thought. We actuality become them a little bit. This can be the first step. Recognize and emphasize the importance of this. Our selves are not fixed. They are always changing because of some influence or another. Here we become more flexible in our identity.

You may find two resistance elements present: the awareness of the content of the situation, you, the other person, or animal and some awareness of the awareness.  It’s not just mimicking something. On some level, the idea of the self becomes a little bit looser, and you can imagine that consciousness is freely distributed within all that is.

It’s the very shape of the chromosomes that connects consciousness and the material world.  The various forms of energies and electrical and chemical exchanges allow consciousness to mix with the physical world in new ways. They bind together in very specific ways to experience and, by necessity, alter the shape of the consciousness going forward.

So, after many generations here on earth, the mammals finally took over. No doubt aided by the community, that new level of social interactions so important to our survival, a whole new brain grew over the reptilian brains. It is that which gives us empathy.  It’s the connection that is a path to awareness.

Our spiral chromosomes create an image and then repeat that image in specific iterations to create the body. Reflexology is a way that acknowledges these reflections.

In lieu of fur and claws, we got empathy, leadership, the ability to change the environment instead of just adapting, and, perhaps the most important thing, the ability to forget that we are every living thing. The energy that the spirals channel is the same energy everywhere.  The individual is not the most important in some ways. After all, only 1/2 of a breath is in.

Animals live with quite a lot of ability to manipulate the physical world. They are conscious.  We can bond with them as we can with humans. When you make a connection, it’s a connection. They have all the same mammalian traits such as emotional attachment and bonding. They live in a rich emotional world, and they experience the pain of loss and the joy of birth. You can begin your bath with an animal if you wish: a dog or cat or other mammal. Reptiles and fish are too limited for much connection.

I suggest you sample this intimate connection with the humans around you and the animals. Try this, mimic their posture and expression, and imagine what the person or animal is experiencing right then. What are they paying attention to, and if you can, how are they aware of whatever they are aware of?  What is the experience like for them?  Feel their facial muscles and their eye muscles. What would you be experiencing if your muscles were in the same condition and your posture was the way theirs is? Even without mimicking, you get a sense.  Follow that sense. How do they experience their own awareness?

How do they experience emptiness and the vastness of consciousness?  All chromosomes experience it.  What’s it like for your connection?

Personal Connection = Empathy

For a quick look at string theory mentioned above, here’s a link:

Enjoy the expansion as you experience personal connection, and become a path to awareness for you.