Let’s talk a little bit about the nature of religion, because virtually all religions have to do with the spirit model of the four ways of looking at the structure of the universe.

There’s the spirit model wherein there’s a God or gods. There’s the energy model wherein it’s all energy of some sort (magnetic, gravitational, etc.). There’s the psychology model in which everything is the mind. The mind has created everything. Everything that exists does so because of the power of the mind.

The problem with the spirit model, the way it’s practiced here in the US, is that there’s not a whole lot of incentive to save the planet. God’s going to come and destroy it anyway. We clearly have no idea what God’s intentions are except that we know he’s going to destroy our planet and he’s not going to do it by flooding. What is the point really? The two basic tenets of Christianity are “love the lord God with all your heart” and “love your neighbor as you love yourself.” It’s an interesting way to look at things, and if you take the spaciousness portion of God and you take the pattern portion of God, what the rule here is actually to love the spaciousness completely and totally be one with the spaciousness, be one with the God, and be one with that awareness. The second part of it is the patterns within patterns. You should participate in the patterns to benefit everyone in the pattern. See that that’s what the key to the whole process is. It’s not to try and figure out whether or not your God existed.

All around you are patterns. What you’re being taught through your spirit model is to love through the patterns. Both of these Western view systems contain this idea of destroying that which is abhorrent to God. God has these rules and he says “Here are your rules, anything acting outside these rules is abhorrent and we don’t want it, in fact: we want to kill it, we want to destroy it.”

Now there’s something there for us, because every good gardener knows that you can plant your plants, water your garden, tend everything, and watch them grow, but if you don’t pull out weeds, you’re not going to get much of a harvest. Once you’ve got your plants planted, it’s just a matter of pulling out the weeds. It’s really just a weeding problem at that point, making sure you don’t spend your time and resources on that which does not benefit you.

So I want to caution against creating a belief in a God that is inaccessible, because it numbs people to their own God-consciousness. This kind of belief prevents the passing of wisdom and it only promotes the passing of dogma.

When the Christians here began to talk about the 6000-year-old earth and then 6000 years since Adam because they can’t figure out what they want to say, I knew there was something wrong.

Reality keeps nudging them in a different direction and so they keep trying to cling to the idea that their God is the one true God. It’s the most bizarre thing. So Jesus used to walk around, right?  I don’t know whether there is a Jesus or was a Jesus, so let’s just assume that there is a Jesus. We’re just going to assume that there’s a Jesus for the purpose of this instruction only. So Jesus is walking around, imagine this, and Jesus is like “wow, you know what? There are a lot of guys like me out here. There are a lot of guys claiming to be the true prophet. Now I’m going to have to set myself apart somehow. Here, I’ll do this miracle. I’ll give you all some extra bread and some fish. I’ll go to a party. You’ll get drunk off the water because I’ll turn it into wine”. There’s a lot of ways any of that stuff can happen but nevertheless. Do you think that was what it was? Do you think he said “Look man, I’m a jealous God. It says so in the first book there”. I doubt it.

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