I confess I have actually never been much of an early morning person. Looking back on my K-12 years, I have no idea how my mama managed to get me from bed every day.

When I made it to college, my true self started to grow. Have a look on your own:

Fast forward numerous years to today and my desire to sleep in most days still reigns supreme. However, in my continuous quest for success, I understood something was going to have to alter.

Given that every other post on the Internet (similar to this one) mentions early morning routines as a crucial factor in predicting the rest of your day, I chose that was going to be my 80/20 focus. Instead of aim to totally revamp my routine of sleeping in, I welcomed it and decided to tweak exactly what I did within the hour after getting up.

Costructing My Routine

My directing values in life lead off with health, playfulness, and development. These I had actually defined a few years back while going through some medical issues, realizing my sarcasm and will to mess with people was never ever going to go away, and the anxiety I sank into if I wasn’t making progress in life.

With my values comprehended, on to crafting a regimen that supported them. Tried some things here and there, experimented, found exactly what worked for me, and then shifted my energy on fitting the next routine in.

As a result, I now have a core early morning routine that I go through every day. I still oversleep on the majority of days, but, after waking up I get right it. The regimen was wonderfully crafted so that despite my waking time, it still sets me up for a day focused on health, playfulness, and growth.

Now just like a lot of things in life, I don’t have the time or willpower to do a complete hour-long routine every freaking early morning. Rather, I keep a core regimen that takes no greater than 10-15 minutes. It’s ideal for me.

Likewise, if there’s something else I need for any especially day, I can make a couple of simple changes, without altering the core, to prepare for whatever else is arriving my way.

So here, I give to you my morning regimen.

1. I fill up a huge glass of water, add in some Athletic Greens, and down it first thing after getting up.  Directing value: health.

This has been among the absolute best things I’ve ever done for my health. Let me start by saying that I love vegetables and fruits. My problem is I’m typically too lazy to cut and prepare them on a consistent basis. If I do not eat out and buy some veggies, possibilities are they got overlooked that day. Drinking this greens every early morning does 2 main points for me:

  1. It remedies my partial morning anxiety from waking up somewhat dehydrated
  2. It’s my veggie insurance policy for the day

As a perk, it’s also the factor I have not had a full blown cold in over a year and a half. Whenever I feel something beginning, I double the dose for a couple of days and it thwarts off the illness.

2. I practice appreciation by writing in a thankfulness journal. Directing value: playfulness.

Practicing thankfulness assists me concentrate on the positive and understand things I currently have in life. This enhances joy, which fuels the lively mood I attempt to preserve throughout my days. Easy peasy.

3. I document my 3 Objective Vital Tasks. Directing value: growth

Since appreciation assists me focus on the favorable, by definition, that implies I’m not stuck settling in the destructive. Positive thoughts make me feel unbelievably encouraged, nearly like anything is possible. I make sure you have actually experienced this too at some point. This surge of positivity is exactly what drives my performance to have things done and continue my development as a human. The only thing I have to beware of is making sure I’m not too enthusiastic with my tasks for the day.

4. Practice mindfulness by either practicing meditation for a couple of minutes or doing some deep breathing. Directing values: health and growth

The secret here is simply doing something to concentrate on the self for a few minutes. My only goal is to clear some headspace by noticing my ideas instead of being taken in by them. I practice this with hopes of one day being able to levitate like the Buddhist monks. OK, perhaps not, but this is the icing on the cake prior to going out and dealing with the day.

So those were my morning routine for happiness, health, and productivity.