People are bound to feel energetic and positive at the start of their day.

Successful individuals believe that priorities are priorities and that they should happen first. At least, this is what author Laura Vanderkim says in her book What Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast.

Then again, a lot of successful individuals believe in this philosophy as well. They put their own priorities at the top in the morning before anyone else.

Even science believes in this philosophy as well. One psychology professor states that one’s willpower has the possibility to burn down if exercised too much.

One thing that tends to be uncontrolled is diet. This is similar to lapses in judgment that take place later in the day. But with sunrise comes a whole new round of strong mind-set and people are more positive and ready to take on new challenges.

What is interesting is what successful people do at the break of each day – when they have rested and ready to face new challenges. They may not do all of these, but these rituals are certified ways of starting your day to be productive.

Wake up early

Successful individuals value time. Most of their days are dominated by business calls, meeting, and problem solving, but their mornings are structured and controlled. This is precisely why they like waking up early in order to have more time doing what they want to do.

Most executives wake up as early as 4am. Most prefer to do what comforts them like reading and exercise. This is one way of making the most out of their day.

Drink water

Water is the natural choice of successful individuals when it comes to quenching their thirst. They prefer this instead of coffee. Water has been known to cleanse, rehydrate, power up the body, and ensure metabolism. Get used to grabbing a glass of water every day when you wake up.


Exercising is one of the top to-do lists of many business moguls. Going to the gym, lifting weights, or even riding that stationary bike just to sweat and shed off those calories are priorities for them. Despite their busy and chaotic schedules, they find time to do these things in the morning so it has to be important to them. Moreover, exercising early in the morning eradicates stress, fights high-fat diet, and makes sleep quality even better.

Work on a high profile project

The perfect time to work on a high profile project is in the morning when everything is tranquil. In the mornings, there are less interruptions from other people – be it family, colleagues, and even bosses. You get to put more attention to what you are doing.

One business strategist found this idea very useful. She couldn’t finish a single project in a day with all the interruptions she faces. And so, she decided to start working early in the morning to stay away from those interruptions.

Pursue their passion

Doing what you are passionate is hard when you are concentrating on many other things. For this reason, successful people make it a point to start early in the day and pursue what they are passionate about. Be it writing, reading, painting, or anything you enjoy doing; make sure that you have a time for it.

People who see to it that they write in the early hours of the morning elicit better results. One study even shows that doing such can help them excel in the job instead of just writing during emotional peaks.

Spend time with family

Some place great value on family dinner since it’s the best time of the day that members are at home after school or work. Some successful individuals also prefer mornings to spend time with their family. Cooking breakfast and eating together early in the morning is the best way to bond with loved ones.

Bonding with your spouse is best during the morning when you have recharged. Doing so in the evening is fine but aren’t you tired from all the day’s work?

Sex early in the morning boosts your energy. Never forget that a healthy sex life makes you healthier and productive.

Even if there’s no sex early in the morning, couples can easily spend quality time just by talking about their day-to-day activities, goals for the week, finances, and just about anything.

One successful financial planner says that when she’s not working, she always finds time every morning to spend with her daughter. Small things like dressing her up, preparing her food, and helping her with her art activities are excellent time spent with her daughter. Also, it’s good if you talk and bond with your children during breakfast.

Clear their beds

One study asserts that there is a correlation between making your bed once you have woken up and making you productive for the day. The act itself doesn’t ensure you get other things done, but it’s more of kick-starting a habit of getting everything done, from the least task to the greatest.

Also, people who make their beds are more apt to be spend-wise and are more inclined to be receptive.

Create a network

Meeting people in the morning can be a great idea. There are less distractions, so you can really connect with people compared to having lunch or dinner parties where there is booze.

One lawyer and entrepreneur who started an Ivy League alumna group states that he feels refreshed and energetic in the morning. In the evening, his mind is more occupied and less receptive.


Successful individuals meditate. This spiritual reconnecting to one’s self has always been deemed by many as one of the keys to accomplish goals. While it may be hard for others, meditation calms the mind, allowing you to focus on what needs to be done.

Be grateful always

Verbally expressing gratitude is one way of lifting the spirit. Taking note about the things you are thankful for at the start of each day has a profound way of creating a whole new perspective of life.

Two prominent individuals claim that they write down everything they are thankful for including their aspirations and that this allowed them to have a clear mind-set each day. Not only that, this practice has helped them be happier and contented.

Think ahead

People who are successful always plan ahead, and planning ahead is best done in the morning when your head is clear.

If you are not one of those people who plan ahead, why don’t you try this: wake up early, take your breakfast, exercise, and then jot down your plans for that day. Creating such kind of habit results in making you more organized and someone whose priorities are well set. With this, you make every day of your life structured and manageable.

Mind your e-mails

There are many successful individuals who start their day reading their e-mail. This does not entail reading it in its entirety, but it really pays to scan those urgent messages that need your attention right away. Doing this in the morning promises a better way of dealing with it since your mind is fresh and uncluttered.

Also, doing this simple task frees you to do more challenging tasks later in the day.

Keep abreast of current events

Part of eating breakfast is reading the news or so this is what many successful individuals claim to do as part of keeping themselves abreast with current headlines. You can also multitask – exercise and read through the news or stay informed by listening to the radio.

Having such knowledge keeps you aware as to how the world is faring. Someway or somehow, you can be the change you want to see in the world.

These morning habits of successful people are the things that can make or break your day. It just goes to show that successful people start their day right.