All consciousness is linked in the first place. Certain agents govern the linking of individual units of consciousness and other agents govern individuation of the larger consciousness. There is no denying that everything in the universe is affected by everything else. This is one of the real mysteries of modern science.

In a lot of scientific experiments, there’s a reason why scientists have been unable to apply scientific principles to certain sociological dynamics. Certain principles might apply, but all the criteria for sound testing and experiment can’t necessarily be met. The reason for this seems simply to be that there are aspects which are still unknown. There might be principles which still need to be discovered in order to measure and quantify the unknowns. Scientists may find in the future that each theory has a manner of being correct but a unifying theory is what’s necessary. That’s what scientists are hopefully getting closer to finding.

Certain theories work over others, but not in every case. This could be because everything that we try to measure is constantly in a state of change. Like a piece of wood with its specific qualities of density and moisture slowly changing, hardening with time and becoming dry, and changing from hard and dense to dust, more or less, everything changes until it is no longer there or until something else eventually takes its place.

In our consciousness, we have the idea of an end time or Armageddon. It’s a warning of a kind of cosmic retribution against a species that has become so corrupt and so evil that it has to be taken down. In Christian thought, the powers can enact this retribution using warfare, plague, and drought. We have existing in our group consciousness the potential for some sort of cataclysmic disaster. There are those with the world view that application of certain rules is the only way this can be forestalled. The result of this is a history in which fairly indistinct or ambiguous texts have been used as an excuse and as back up for the enforcement of discriminatory and prejudiced ideals and laws.

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