Man: Well, I work out. I go to work. I go home. It seems like my day is never over. I’m still serving. I’m still doing. I don’t seem to be getting ahead.

DJ: Okay, right.

Man: I don’t know what it is, and I don’t have enough. Even right now I don’t have enough “umph.” It seems like to carry me to the end of the day.

DJ: Well, that’s exactly what we’re talking about. I wonder how you structure your thoughts about the day, like what’s your purpose for each day?

Man: What’s my purpose for each day? Well there’s a schedule for each day, yes. I get up and get ready to go to work. Then I work so that I can make enough money to pay my bills, and then hopefully there’s some money left over after I’ve paid my bills. It’s just getting hard.

DJ: It doesn’t sound like you have a lot of satisfaction and fulfillment going on right now.

Man: No, not right now.

DJ: This is the thing. A lot of folks find themselves like life kind of running them into the ground, as opposed to having a plan and executing it.

Man: Right, we’re all just waiting to retire, and then once we retire, what am I going to do when I retire? The statistics are that when a person retires, they don’t last very long. They are basically dead, because they’ve run out of gas or something.

DJ: Well that’s true, and I think it comes back to, “Do they have a purpose?”

Like a lot of people find some fulfillment in work, even if they’re maybe not happy with all of it. They at least do a job and the job is appreciated by someone, or it has some function in a larger setting. A lot of people though feel like they’re just trying to play their part but they don’t really know what the game is.

It can be kind of disconcerting to do anything if you don’t know what’s required to get ahead. That’s why there are a lot of things being talked about right now about the game being rigged, life being rigged.

Man: Yeah, especially in politics.

DJ: It’s a common feeling that people are having, Like “I see these other people succeeding-”

Man: “I’m just getting scraps, what’s the deal here?”

DJ: Right. “And I’m doing what they said to do. I’m working-”

Man: “I got my college education, a job, and a family. I did everything my parents told me I was supposed to do.”

DJ: Right, there’s a sense that maybe they’re just being served scraps, pecking at the scraps instead of soaring with success, that sort of thing.

Man: I was always taught, don’t rock the boat! Do a good job and don’t rock the boat.

DJ: Boat rockers get attention though. Attention sometimes is good, so I think though that what’s happening is that people are a valuable asset. Sometimes, they feel like just a number, like they’re filling a slot, but who they are isn’t important to that slot.

Man: No.

DJ: So they don’t really have that idea that “I personally am a valuable asset” event if they’re working for a company.

We’re talking about folks that want to be secure in who they are.

Man: Oh yeah.

DJ: I think that’s the key thing. A lot of folks have been doing what they’ve been doing for years and years, but they don’t know if it’s the right thing for them to do or not. They don’t have a sense of knowing that what they’re doing is for the highest good.

Man: It’s like the highest good in my profession is serving the corporate line. Oh, did I say that out loud? Yes I did. There’s got to be something more than that.

DJ: There is more than that. That’s the whole point. I think it is possible for people to have a deep understanding of their place in the universe, like what their role and mission in life is, and not just as a consumer or as a wage earner or a provider for someone, but really what their inspiration in life is.

Folks lose touch with that. That’s why the youth is so wasted on its own. That’s why they say that, because there’s the inspiration and the drive, and yet they don’t have any idea of what direction to go to. Many people carry that through. They still don’t know which direction to go in exactly. Their direction has found them.

Man: I don’t know how to even make the decision to decide to do something. I just don’t know.

DJ: Yeah well, people fear change. It’s true. Those folks that make decision about things, often it’s just because they don’t know that what they’re deciding is really going to give them the reward that they’ve been missing.

The downside seems fairly obvious to any situation, “Oh, I’m taking a financial risk.” “I’d be taking a social risk.” “I’d be taking a risk in my relationships,” something like that. So it can be very daunting to make a decision. Even some folks have a hard time deciding what to eat.

Man: I know someone just like that. They go, “What are you having for lunch today?” “What are you ordering?” Then they look at what I’m ordering and they go, “Oh, okay, I don’t want that.”

DJ: I know folks that always order whatever is not being ordered. They’ll listen to everybody ordering and then they’ll order something else, no matter what it is. That strikes me as odd. Maybe you feel like you also want to have a club sandwich, maybe you want to have tomato bisque.

Man: When I find a place and I find something I want from that place, I usually just stick with that and not go too far out of my parameter.

DJ: Well you get the comfort zone going. What if you could be comfortable with going out of your comfort zone? I mean what if that was a comfortable thing to do? What if the comfort zone was more like a suggestion?

I used to do whatever scared me. I would think about the options that were available to me, and I would just decide which scared me the most and I would just do that.

Man: Really?

DJ: Yeah, because that led to interesting adventures. I think that one of the reasons that people have a hard time deciding is because they don’t know what is best for them and for the people around them.

I mean sometimes it’s obvious that people are still deciding, but do they really know that this is the best thing to do, like this will lead me to the greatest happiness. This will be the most rewarding decision I can make.

Man: How do I find out that? How do I do that?

DJ: Wouldn’t that be good, hey. Well, that’s not actually out of the question. There are some ways to figure that out. There is a three-step program. Three steps is easy. Steps have steps.

Man: Steps have steps?

DJ: Of course, there can’t just be three steps. There are three basic areas that people need to develop as far as I can tell. The first area is finding out what it is that their life has been about. What kind of successes they’ve had and what are some of the most rewarding things that they’ve experienced.

People get out of touch with that, so it’s a good idea to gather those things together and to begin to reinforce those in their life so that they get used to this idea that their life is a series of successes.

Then we take those things and we reinforce them. Not only do we build this but we have a way of reinforcing that. So to relive those successes on a regular basis, and reinvigorate and rejuvenate oneself on a daily basis with those powerful memories and those powerful experiences is also beneficial.

So building it, reinforcing it, and then being able to act is also important once you’ve learned what your purpose is.

The steps of taking action, a lot of folks are just hesitant. They’re just putting off doing what it is that needs to be done, or that in their heart they really want to do. They’ve gotten used to putting it off because they’ve put it off for this long, so it’s easy to just continue to put it off.

However, there’s a way to just break through that, if you want to just start to take action, which is a really good idea. We can break down that whole notion of hesitation and turn that into action just going forward. The other key thing here though really is just knowing your purpose.

Man: Right. Is that the-?

DJ: This is the fourth part of the three steps.

Man: Fourth part of the three steps. Ah, it’s the bonus part!

DJ: Yeah. This is what it’s really all about though; this is the most powerful part of the whole thing. It’s discovering your purpose, knowing what gives you energy, what sort of things you look up to, what traits of your own that you look up to are, what the world needs, and what could there be in the world to contribute to if one were to contribute?

This is kind of based on, “What are the minimum requirements to exist in a society.” If someone were a society that would only have successful and powerful people, how would they sort out? Each of the people would need to know what their purpose is in order to have that kind of society.

I don’t know why I even started talking about the society thing.

Man: Well we’re a part of it.

DJ: We are a part of society as a whole. That’s true. The more people that are interested in finding out and living their purpose, the more likely we are to have people doing that around us as opposed to being consumers, or getting the selfish gene activated, and working in that direction rather than “what’s your contribution to society, what makes you unique and gives yourself purpose?”

Man: Right. So discovering my purpose has three parts, and that gives me the energy to make the decisions that I need to make and the confidence that I’m choosing the right ones. Is that going to help me?

DJ: Yeah, it of course will help you. Think about this. What if your actions and your intentions and your special talents were all aligned?

Man: That would be awesome.
DJ: Right, and you knew that whatever it was that you were doing was serving this higher purpose that you are comfortable with. That represents in you what is unique and gives you pleasure and the energy and things that you can look up to about yourself. All these things coming into play. What if this is who you are on a regular basis? What if this is the way that you make your decisions, from a place of considering all these things?

Man: Wow.

DJ: What if it was all enlightenment and your thoughts, your desires, your actions, the influence that you could have on the world if you were to line these things up? what if that was the way that you move through the world?

Man: I wouldn’t be so confused.

DJ: Right, that’s true.

Man: And I wouldn’t be so easily drawn off my path by things that other people tell me are important.

DJ: Yeah so you could just kind of relax into this knowledge that you’re doing the right thing. Think about this asset as equally desirable as wealth. So if you could live your purpose and be fulfilled and have that, would that not be a form of wealth?

Man: Oh yeah.

Higher Purpose

DJ: That’s immensely valuable. In fact, people with wealth want this also, so it cuts right across the spectrum and they’ve really been looking for it. Most people just really would be happy to live a life with purpose, to live their purpose, because I’m sure happiness is part of that purpose. Success in a variety of areas is probably a part of it too, and if you’re living your purpose, of course you’re going to be having those successes. You’re going to be having that kind of a life where you succeed at doing the thing that’s most important to you, the thing that your life is really about.
Man: Now I need to know what to do next. DJ: That’s a good question, isn’t it?

Man: Yeah, because I have all this information and a direction. I don’t know where to take the direction.

DJ: Well you can always get a hold of me through or My name is DJ, and of course, you can find out more about it through reading the blogs and through making comments. Ask questions if you like.

Man: Right. Thank you!