Define Your Destiny!

Living life according to other’s beliefs and ideas is like having a mansion and only staying in your comfortable bedroom. You have to define your destiny!

It is the same as living according to your own childish beliefs which is also a prison of sorts. What you learned as a child is much different than the things you know to be true now that you are an adult. Holding on to certain beliefs which may no longer serve you can trap you in a place you may not want to reside in.

Imagine yourself with every resources and the ability to be exactly who you want to be, and live the life you want to live. The only thing to set you on the path is your decision to do so.

It may be a pretty big idea/dream/goal, but then imagine only getting halfway there. How fantastic would that be considering where you are now?

Keep in mind your purpose and continue to decide that living your dream is your destiny! This is much better than thinking “it’s too big” or any other distracting idea. It can become the one thing that opens doors for you that you would not otherwise have the opportunity to walk through.

Once you do walk through those doors, it’s up to you whether you walk away or continue on the adventure that you have set up for yourself.

There are many people who go through life with all their focus on the details of their life and the circumstances they are in. The details are good to pay attention to sometimes, but I like to remind myself that life’s circumstances are NOT what your dreams are suspended from. The details of your current circumstances are only as important as any simple road sign to your destination.

However, if those road signs keep telling you that you are heading somewhere other than where you thought you were heading, or where you wanted to go, then you better pay attention and make sure to do something about it.

Let’s say you even write your own road signs – what are they and where are they taking you?

The most important thing about life is how you live, how you treat yourself and others, how you shape the world around you, and how much you appreciate the experience of it.

Think of it as an experience that has been given to you as a gift. You were chosen to get to experience this thing called life and the opportunity to create something out of it in order to give life your creation. Only life will ever be aware of the true meaning of what you’ve done. What do you want to leave the world with?

Go on and explore the world, your mansion.  It’s yours to explore, design, and live in!  Make the most out of it!

Your health, wealth, love, and life depend on your decision to obtain them and to nurture them.

Get your life!