DJ: Okay so when I was young, one of the things that happened when I was with my friend Jim, Jim Wyatt. Jim was my good friend whose mother was a witch and I rented a room from her. She read taro, and like this is kind of the world I moved into. I moved in with my grandmother, who’s this very devout religious lady, and I started working in a bagel factory. Then I met this guy who wanted to become a magician or was studying these like occult things and witchcraft and stuff for a long time. I started to rent a room from them, I moved out from my grandmother’s house and moved into their house. In between there I lived in kind of a communal space on a couple of different occasions, and one of the times, yes I know, I remember now, I moved out of Jenny’s house, and moved into the commune, and then went to Sedona and then came back when my friends got married, but at any rate, where was I going with that? How did the story start?

Man: How did the story start? Oh, sinistral and dextral, the sin of the left hand and the angel is on the right side.

DJ: Oh yeah right, right, right, right, so a lot of things happened with Jim, including our friend who believed he was Satan. He was breaking into the house and doing things to our magical set up. We had a table that was a spool, and we had a round mirror on it, and then around the mirror there were candles. We had large candles. I don’t like, like three inch candles. I can’t remember how many there were. There was probably a number for a reason, but at any rate whatever it was, they were around the table, eighteen of them or something like that, who knows. There were quite a few of them and it would get quite hot from burning all these candles, but in the center of that was a pyramid with a little door on it, like a pyramid shape made out of glass. So this is all, a mirror with glass pyramid in the center of it, and then inside of that we would put these thought forms. We would write about what kind of creation we wanted to make. Then we’d put them in the pyramid, and then we would stand around it, usually just the two of us. Sometimes there would be a third, and we would generate these energy balls and we would shoot them up into the heavens where our thought form would then generate. This was the belief that we were operating under. A lot of things would happen, not always when we were burning the candles, because we would spend time in that room also.

In that room sometimes, there would be these little spirits and things like this. The place that we started working after we left the bagel factory was a pottery place, and there was this witch coven that was there. Now it was owned by these two Christian guys. It was very strange, just a weird setup all the way around. These two Christian guys owned it.

Anyway, my friend Jim got the job there shortly thereafter. Oh no, I remember how it worked. we left the bagel place and went to work there when our other friend Mitch, Mitch was part of the whole thing, and it was his dad Gary, who ran the church of Tzaddi, where I went and met both of the women that I eventually married. So this formative period in my life established a lot of relationships for me that went on to this day, if you will, in a way, not directly. I’m not really in contact with any of the people that I met there, although Terry was from there. You met my friend Terry?

Man: Yes I have.

DJ: Okay, so yeah, these little guys would come and land on my shoulders, and here’s what I envisioned them as. They were like little cartoonish characters, and the dark ones would throw these dark balls of energy. They would throw them underhanded, so like slow pitched softball or something like that I guess. I don’t know, but just underhanded flipping them like that, and the white ones would throw the white energy ball, and they would throw them overhand.

Then there were some weird little guys, sort of like flying monkeys, little ones though, not really large. This was in the world of small things. The other spirit things that I used to concoct, there were these like water spirits, and I had a small statue of a little nymph on a rock. I don’t know if it was near some water, but it was like on a few little rocks, and I would keep some water near it.

It’s funny. Things would happen with my eyes sometimes, like I would look at things. I would just focus my eyes on an object and next I would feel my eyes just dudududu, and it would look as though there were like crystal balls or something, not crystal in a hard way, but clear, gelatine like, but energy only balls that were shooting ahead into things. Sometimes, I could relax and just kind of see into those, and sometimes, there would be pictures in them and things like this, which was kind of like it was for me when I’d use a crystal ball. I’d use a crystal ball and that same kind of energy thing would happen, and I’d see images in that energy that would be created.

Man: Right.

DJ: We don’t yell much around here.

Man: Pardon?

DJ: We don’t yell much around here.

Man: We don’t yell much?

DJ: No.

Man: That’s good.

DJ: The cats and I. I mostly just talk to them and kind of work with them that way. You have a cat at home?

Man: Several. So the rest of the story is?

DJ: Yes. What story?

Man: The story about the room, the mirror, the pyramids, the entities-

DJ: Yeah, well what I wanted to tell you about was the black and white spirits that would come.

So this guy though, what was his name.

Man: You’ll have to buy the tape is what you should say.

DJ: Yeah, you have to subscribe to. No, but the guy, there was a gentleman who was there who had been doing a lot of Satan worship, or something like that, but he showed up one time telling us that he was the son of darkness. I don’t remember, some name like that, and he threw up and it ate a hole in the carpet. The carpet wasn’t in great shape, but this ate a hole right in it. I don’t know what he had in his body, or what was going on. It was funny; he was just trying to threaten us. He’d been breaking in.

Break In:

We could see because there was a little sliding lock on the back door. It wasn’t as secure as maybe you’d want it to be, even though it had extra locks on it. You could put a credit card in or whatever and flip the lock thing up and out of the way from the outside, and he was doing it. He had even marked the door jam where this lock thing was so that he knew where to slide the thing. My friend Jim was a lie, “No seriously this is what’s going on.”

My friend Jim was an interesting character; he had eyes that he could change the color from blue to grey, and to green. He would do like a couple of different colors. I think it was green, blue, or just grey color. He could just walk off and come back and his eyes would be a different color. He would just go do it, he knew what state of mind it was, and that’s what he would say. I just make myself the way I am when I have these color eyes. He’d recognize that state and just go into that state. He was an interesting character in many ways.

One of the ways he was interesting is not only did he figure out that this guy was breaking on, because he’s come in and make like a pencil mark on our thought form, piece of paper that we had written out. He’s come in and make little marks, do little things, and basically just make his presents unpleasant. I don’t know, but Jimmy would always say this thing that I thought was funny.

Catching him:

Man: Why didn’t you just greet him at the door one of the times that he broke in?

DJ: Well he would come when he knew that we were gone. We couldn’t catch him there. I think that the guy was unemployed and you know. But he was supposedly a friend for a long time. He kind of didn’t want anything to do with us. Oh, and then Jenny though, Jim’s mom, Jenny, what a character.
Anyway, she was a DOC guard. I don’t know what the job was exactly, but she would escort prisoners to different places, and she saw him one time in prison. That was kind of sad, because you know, he was a friend. When it started out things were okay, and then they got to not be okay anymore.