Feelings? What are feelings?

Have you ever heard about the monk who laid down near an injured tiger’s den?  He figured that five lives were worth more than his one.

Most humans could be described as speciesists. That’s a long word. It means they consider their species as having more rights than other species. Does more capability mean more rights? That’s the age-old question that humans ask about their politics, social groups, and religions. Religions usually have a view on man’s dominion over animals.

Here’s the Boundless Luminosity principle:

The output of energy is the most important thing about life. Happiness puts forth more energy than pain or sadness. The former being an outpouring of energy, while the latter are withdrawing.

Being open to life, all life shares the same consciousness.  It is the experience. Each of us is the experience of the universe. That’s why there are social norms. Upsetting certain states with certain behaviors not only upsets the persons involved but also affects anyone in their sphere.

Animals are not people, but people are animals. These feelings we value so highly are shared by all animals. We are among our peers in the basic mammalian brain design with all that is needed to have social structures and mating structures.  In other words, we have feelings as dogs have feelings, as monkeys have feelings, as whales have feelings, and what have you.

We are made of the same stuff. I venture that plants and trees have feelings too. Much research now shows that they respond to different treatment similar to moods.

To grow and expand, we move through the cycles of building and expansion. As humans we can move from one expansive state to another. Like changing towns for work, we can change from one good state to another when the first one begins to decay. In fact, it’s important that we do move from state to state like this or our states deteriorate and we may become dogmatic. Being fluid is much better. Staying expansive is much better than stagnation.

How we treat each other and the animals is the kind of states we create in the world. All of consciousness is influenced by each and every state that each and every being is in. What states are you creating?