Evolution is so obvious. I mean, I am looking around my house and all the different things and then realizing that the fruit trees out there have been altered in some ways. We have GMO foods. We got all these things where we are manipulating the data that creates the beings, plants, animals, whatever.

Look what we have done with dogs. How many versions of dogs are there? I mean, dogs are the one thing that humans have manipulated genetically more than anything else. How many breeds are there? I do not even know. I should look up in AKC how many breeds are there.

What we are doing here is working with evolution, constantly working with evolution, with nature in those ways. At the same time, evolution is messing with us. It is messing with our antibiotics. The different bacteria, things like that, are finding their way around the effectiveness of the antibiotics. Same thing is happening with pesticides and insecticides of all types, also herbicides.

All these things are designed to kill life which is cutting the way we have gone. We are like oh, this part of life is a problem to another part of life. So we go on and kill. We think what we are doing is killing the problem, but it does not literally work that way.

So the thing is that, we have these Christians who take full advantage of science and science’s advancements and yet deny science and some of them even deny intelligence. They “poopoo” intelligence as though God was so fantastic that there is no point in being intelligent you can never forgive them out. Something like that and it is not helpful, how can that be helpful?

Anyway, there is a need for us to all understand what is going on. Here is the thing, if you deny evolution, you can easily deny climate change because although they are both equally obvious, the sad part is that everybody is going to have to admit that they were wrong when it is too late. They should be admitting it already. We are already in a crisis.

There is a fountain of methane gas spewing everywhere in the middle of a neighborhood in Los Angeles. We are outside in Los Angeles and it’s just spewing methane gas out. What are we doing? They say it is going to go on for weeks and it is not in the news. It is not like the things that happen in the gulf where that was covered in the news and this might be eventually, but it is just a shame.


Because of our current political situation where Donald Trump spoke at some Christian university, I thought to myself, Good grief! Here is a guy who is just insulting and bigoted in his approach to life and just ham-handed to say the very least. And the Christians are embracing him. I am thinking what kind of God do they have? What kind of God do they have that embraces that kind of politics and that kind of personality and denies the climate change and evolution even though they take advantage of these things.

It is just, I cannot even. It is so hard to say why they think it is okay.