When personal greed becomes normalized and extreme political groups need money to help the downtrodden (let’s be realistic, (we) those who are not in the top 1% are potentially the downtrodden, all of us), elephant poaching for cash is one way to get money.

Political groups have discovered it, and the countries where it’s happening can’t afford to defend against it very well. The violence is hurting one of the most beautiful creatures of the earth, and it seems no one is in a position to stop it.

How can this be? It’s not in the backyard of the wealthy states such as China, and big individual buyers are making ivory more valuable than drugs or kidnapping.

The elephants are dying and many of them will still die if we don’t stop it now. Let us stop elephant poaching and violence.

My contribution is this insight on patterns.  I hope we all adapt this way of thinking.

We are the Earth. What the Earth is, it’s us. It is all the plants and animals, the relationship with the sun and the planets, the microbes and proteins, and the clouds and sky. We are it and it is us.  For each of us, who we are is all we are.

This experience in time is created by all that we are. Having been our past and as our past, we created this experience today.

It’s like an unhealthy person, a good person of course, just unhealthy in terms of our systems and our priorities.

This all stems from our focus on the self, instead of the experiencer.  This has given us motivation to build societies and buildings and control our external circumstances at least as much as we do.  Actually, we do control our circumstances. At least we influence our circumstances, our world.

Each of us is an avenue for experience.  It is our collective universe, most of which we cannot see at all.  It’s not because of the distance but because of time.  We see enough to know that we universe has time.  We can track changes and predict some changes, but in this life, we can never experience a younger universe nor an older universe.  Our species and those around us have evolved.

Our cultures have evolved from what they once were. Each has gained and lost because of repeated iterations of circular and spiral time vortex patterns.  Movement changes the experience of time.  Movement itself creates time.  Galaxies change time and space, and humans change time and space.  We certainly have changed our space.

Somehow we’ve neglected the inner experiences and the connectedness to the point where we cannot feel into others very well. We have created a consciousness that is very “other” oriented.

It’s to the point that we’ve allowed each other to destroy some of the most precious things Earth offers.

How do smokers quit?

Each of us is addicted to this idea of other. We are choking ourselves with it. Our whole world is calling for a healing, while some of us are feeding the things that support this separation, things like fear, greed, and ignorance.

Meanwhile, the self-centeredness continues.  All of the humans involved in the ivory trade probably tell themselves that the elephants are just going to live in zoos soon; letting them live in zoos a little faster won’t hurt.

The polar ice caps are melting and power companies are arguing against solar.

Natural gas burns clean, but it’s leaking methane into the atmosphere at an alarming rate.

It’s not only about elephants. It’s also so much deeper than that.

It’s about reasonable restrictions on human population and promoting awareness of something bigger than our individual lives.

Promote that!