We are all living in dual realities all the time.

Many people believe that changing or controlling their external reality will change their inner reality – thoughts, feelings, and ideas about life. This is actually the opposite of the way it works.

People who have control of their states control their external reality by having control over their perceptions. All people are at various levels of happiness and fulfillment all the time. There are plenty of wealthy people who are not necessarily happy and plenty of people who have little or no money and are very happy. There are also wealthy people who are very happy and low-income people who are miserable.

How do you suppose that this works in those different situations? What is it that ultimately determines ones feeling of fulfillment and happiness? Clearly it is not simply money.

If someone makes a change, or moves something around in the physical/external world, you can expect to see results. It also works this way in the internal/mental reality. If you focus on your mental states, happiness, and thoughts, results can be expected also.

When there is clear focus on how the two interface, the combination of your intentions and beliefs intercepting with your actions will fulfill your destiny! There is no stopping the power of the two combined.