What we’re learning about is the difference between the individual as a priority and the overall network as a priority: this is the lesson and this is the dilemma. This is what all of the sages and prophets and “god incarnates” have been trying to tell us. It’s all the same thing. It’s also what politics is supposed to tell us. The individual is responsible to the whole.

An example in anatomy of a case where the individual is no longer living in accordance with its’ responsibility to the whole is called a cancer.

Consider a cancer. Though cancers may vary from type to type, there is a theme common to them all: they set up a rapid replication process; they make sure that they establish themselves, even to the point where they begin to create their own blood vessels. Look at financial crime, for example, a money laundering scheme or tax evasion: “We have our own system and way of doing things, we’re doing it for our own ends, we don’t care what damage we do to the whole, and we don’t feel the need to contribute.” Like all parasitic functions which operate on stolen energy, the cancer creates systems for itself to function within the host. These blood vessels rob the host body of the required sugars and chemicals needed to run, absorbing energies meant for other purposes. Eventually, the host will be depleted, and the cancer will die with it. Parasitic courses of action have a tendency to backfire.

It’s the perfect analogy for what we see in the world in so many ways. When an individual unit goes rogue within a whole, it is more often than not detrimental to the whole.

Individuals, when they judge their own level of pain, are likely to get it skewed somehow:  like the wealthy will say that they deserve to be healthy because they work hard for their money. Let’s compare that person and how hard they work to someone like a construction worker. Who works harder?

Well I’ll tell you, I’m on it 24 hours a day. You know a construction worker goes home and he’s done. I could have grounds for argument there but whose body gets worn out? Whose body works harder and yet makes the least money?

Let’s say a teacher, how hard does a teacher work, mentally, to prepare courses and teach a class, to develop a curriculum, to present it to an audience or multiple audiences per day, different curriculums to multiple audiences throughout day, throughout the course of weeks and months?

I don’t know how complicated is one profession over another? Some are. I’m sure doing a great job of it and some are doing well but maybe not as well. The CEO is pretty much one of what you call your top performers, the guys that do things. There are certain qualities that the CEO has to have, but shouldn’t everyone to develop those qualities anyway?

Does a CEO say “I’m gonna climb my way to the top” for the money? You know, that’s probably part of their concern, but I think most top performers in business are doing it for reasons other than the money.

This is what I think people fail to understand. Because many people in the work-a-day world, many employees, are working towards the end of the day, they’re on a time clock, their mentality is “when I’m on the time clock, I’m suffering and when I’m off the time clock, I’m released from my suffering and therefore I have pleasure.” It’s very skewed. It’s not a good way to look at it at all, not a good way to look at much of anything. If you have to think that way, then what are you doing it for?

The lesson is: Is it okay to take for your self?  This is the lesson with our planning, with our environment right now. To assume the reward for your own efforts might make you act as a cancer on whole. If you are living in the system and functioning on energy derived from the system to fulfill purely selfish functions, then in essence you are a parasite.

We are taking for ourselves, with not enough respect for the network of life that exists here to give positivity back. This is what humans are telling the planet here. This is what their behavior is communicating, and the results of that communication are now catastrophic systems failures in the planet.

So what we’re experiencing is a form of self-centeredness that is what has been cautioned about throughout the millennium.

What needs to happen in the United States is that the Christian Church needs to recognize that Jesus didn’t say that it’s okay to destroy multiple species of animals with your self-centered energy production. That’s not the message of Christ!

Jesus would have dealt with the situation with immense compassion; at least, I think he would have.

What Christianity needs to do is to get the money-changers out of the temple. This has always been the problem.

This is the problem with basically all religions, all power structures, even Buddhism has its problems within the power structure. Buddhists are a very peaceful people and yet sometimes they desire to move and change things within the structure, perhaps for selfish reasons.

In Tibet, there have been murders in the monasteries.  I am not saying that it happens all the time, but it has happened. There have been disappearances of children; in fact, the Chinese government kidnapped the Panchen Lama, which is the second highest ranking lama in the Dalai Lama’s lineage. The Panchen Lama is studying with the Dalai Lama so that he can continue on when the Dalai Lama is not available – in between births. Then, there’s also some conflict about the Karmapa. There are now two Karmapa’s, even though there should be one. One was chosen in the traditional way and the other under suspicious circumstances. Now, different groups disagree about who the true Karmapa is. It’s a very strange Tibetan lineage that has emerged at this point; however, the intrigue is kind of beside the point and my studies are certainly progressing, if you could say that. The perpetual student is the master. It’s never about perfection of the Self in Buddhism. It’s about the mastering of it, the learning, the improvement, and the changing. The essence of humility is the awareness that you still, in fact, know nothing.

On the topic of how little we know, just consider nuclear physics, radioactivity, or particle decay, how can something like this continue to exist, where does it come from, and does it serve a purpose? The particle decay that exists with radioactive atoms may serve quantum purposes, it may be a sort of concentration of quantum energy, or it may be more about energy than matter even though we are only aware of the measurable energy or material effects.

There’s definitely a lot we don’t know and there may in fact be a flow to the whole thing. Something might seem purely destructive to us here, but what can we know about cause and effect in a multidimensional universe? Most people see destruction. They speak of the world, but they only mean the measurable.

Our outlook is incredibly finite; we don’t understand the big picture. For instance, we still don’t know why there are deposits of plutonium or uranium in the earths crust. Is that some undissolved matter from early in time? Was that matter put together incorrectly? It could be the remnants of a weapon or it could be that when certain atoms are formed, they’re not formed correctly. Maybe matter like this is still in the business of evolving when it’s prematurely exposed. It seems that what happens here is that there are a lot of different stages of life all operating at once. Some of these atoms that we know about only exist for moments. It’s bizarre that we would even call these strange things atoms, but perhaps we don’t have enough names to chose from, perhaps it’s out of our scope.

It’s important for us when we think about consciousness to understand that there is more going on than we are able to recognize.

We live in a world of four walls and a roof.  Humans, for the most part, have become these indoor animals, living in shells, travelling in shells, and eating other mammals; it’s not a very efficient way of doing things.

Our carnivorous behavioral patterns have become a problem. It was something that gave us good, quick energy early on in our evolution, and kept us ahead of other predators. We were able to cook food and really break down the digestive process, speed it up, and do a variety of things to assist us during a time of desperation; eating mammals for the protein became part of life.

But at this stage, whether it’s gas-powered vehicles or coal-powered electricity or a mammal-based diet, chickens are bad enough but how about the mammals? Cows in particular are hugely problematic because of the way they digest. Cow farms and cattle ranches are a huge greenhouse gas problem. Right now we have greenhouse gasses spewing out into California unabated. It’s going to be months before they stop it and it’s not even in the news every night, like the gulf was, it’s just crazy.

The world that we live in allows businesses to get away with this kind of thing. This is the world that we need to fix. We need to start looking at what’s going on outside our shells. Think about Bernie Sanders; as interesting as he is at the moment, his focus has been almost solely on the disparity of wealth and I think that’s worthy; however, there is so much more that needs to be tackled, so much more that needs to be done.

The environment, the way it is now, needs to be addressed; it needs to be addressed urgently; it needs to be incentivized. The government should spend the money on it. We should just say we’re building a future that is carbon neutral; we’re going to discourage the consumption of beef; we’re going to talk about how beef is selfish. Eating beef is selfish; driving heavy cars is selfish and we can’t afford to be selfish like that anymore.

We can’t afford to have a political system that says selfishness is okay. Wealth needs tax breaks: what kind of sense does that make? That makes no sense at all. They want to get the economy going so that everybody can make money, but the people with money are making a ton of money and the people working for the hourly wage are falling behind continually and that is really problematic. It creates depression and depression leads to selfishness and that is really the process for destroying the environment, turning people against each other in war.

It’s an awful time in many ways. It’s a sad time. But this is not the end all and be all. The reason that you’re reading this right now, the reason that you’re paying attention to what’s going on here is that there are so many positive opportunities in everybody’s life.

We can make a difference, we can speak out, and we can do a little something here and there and change the momentum. We need to do this. We need to change the momentum for the positive and keep it there. We need to keep it on the positive. We need to drip a little positive here, a little positive there. We need to keep the mind on the positive because that’s where we can do the most, that’s where we can do the best. That’s where we can make our lives happen. Here’s the opportunity to do it. Here’s the opportunity to get more involved, sign up for the mailing list here, get one of the programs, read an e-book or something, and find out more, to change your own life for the better.