Scientists have discovered a mysterious force in the universe; they are calling it Dark Matter or Dark Energy. This is what we call “the boundless luminosity.” Astrophysicists claim that this force is what is binding the stars together. They claim that the overall gravity acting in the galaxy exceeds the gravity of the mass of stars present.

Think about the nature of things as we know it. Many things, other than just the flow of water, are responsible for binding matter together in our world. There are many factors. Consider trade, it’s an interesting idea. Could it be that what they are referring to is essentially the consciousness or intention of the stars themselves? I think it ignorant to consider that these huge sources of light, these presences which reach beyond all of nature’s boundaries, are nothing more than inanimate objects.

We are led to believe that these heavenly bodies and the galaxies themselves are somehow mere phenomena of nature, completely devoid of intention. When it comes to laws in simple nature, usually mathematical formulas are sufficient to solve the problem; however, nowadays physicists are finding mathematical formulas inadequate when it comes to the exploration of these forces in the cosmos, in both the macro- and the microcosm.

Scientists are finding that the same questions are presenting themselves on a minute scale, when they investigate forces on a particle level, such as in quantum mechanics. Science is entering a phase in which observation exceeds the scope of explanation. There are huge voids in formulas and a myriad forces being discovered which are unaccounted for.

In the 1800s before Einstein came along, there was a school of scientific minds active who earnestly believed that once a few gaps here and there were filled in, humanity would have all the answers. They believed that everything we really needed to know was already known. Einstein came and threw the playing field wide open with his Theory of Relativity. He saw the relational nature of everything as key. Everything depends on everything else. The system is interactive and infinitely complex, singular, with all things connected. Everything in nature was relative to everything else, with no real separation.

So Dark Matter is this unknown force which bonds and holds together the galaxies, because the gravity of the stars themselves is apparently insufficient to hold things in place, considering the speed at which everything in the cosmos is travelling. It’s hard to say what this means, but there may be deeper reasons why certain groups cling together, why certain bodies travel at certain speeds. There may be some kind of intention there, some Will at work.

It’s hard to say what kind of relationship galaxies might have with each other, but consider the nature of bodies in the form with which we are more familiar. There are various networking factors between bodies which perform different functions. Who’s to say that on a level beyond our comprehension, there are not similar networks and functions operating, for example, between galaxies?

There are clusters of galaxies bound together by these invisible forces and then there are galaxies which wander alone. There are “superclusters” and huge masses of stars which don’t appear to be galaxies at all. And there are nebulae and stars being birthed and dying, so many processes going on in interstellar space which are strangely reminiscent of sentient life.

It’s hard for me to imagine that there is not some sort of conscious interaction at play. Think about trees, for example. We don’t have much knowledge about trees or the way that they might communicate and interact with one another. I think it would be naive of us to assume that plants don’t have some system of communication. We know that they communicate chemically. Certain plants release chemicals to repel or even harm others which may threaten them. It all depends on what kind of competition they are facing. Plants in deserts tend to be pointy and sharp. They have methods for survival just like any of us; they want to ensure that they don’t become something’s food.

There are different types of ecosystems on this planet, some struggling and some flourishing. We don’t know whether or not they communicate with each other but we can assume they do. They are connected by the circulation of oxygen and carbon dioxide and by the cycle of water. They are connected by the wind and the weather. It is all one system, broken up into smaller systems for the purpose of observation and communication.

There are plants which continue to form larger and larger circles as they reproduce. They may even go so far as to break up barriers to their expansion which they might encounter on the way. They have a focus, a direction they intend to go in and that is evidence of a will to survive.

So it’s possible that these mysterious, dark places in the galaxies are where consciousness resides; that that dark force or Dark Matter is in fact the well of galaxy class intention. None of us are capable of overcoming inertia without harnessing intention and getting motivated. Is it not possible that the same law applies to every type of cyclic energy?

The really wonderful thing about a system in which everything is connected is that because we are a part of it, we have complete access to it all, as long as we have the ability to focus our will in the right direction. We are the galaxies, we are the universe. The space between our molecules is the same as the space between all molecules. Inside of a star those molecules are more compacted, meaning greater communication and more powerful will (gravity). The will/gravity is what forces things together inside stars, causing nuclear fusion.