What is the reason for believing in a spiritual god, a central figure?  Is it useful?  Can it be abused?

Let’s look at how a god makes sense.  Let’s also take into account how the self-similar nature of life, the universe, and everything can also be looked at with reflections. These are reflections within a theme with that theme reflecting in the many levels of life.

This pattern then is, of course, present in families and societies and on every level of existence. It is one central figure with other figures forming their own patterns. Of course, it was a popular way to explain what was happening when life or death or nature’s energies were being unpredictable, back before we knew how to predict the weather or treat illness.

There was a time when the easiest way to understand the world around us was to call it a deity. When it is said that god knows every hair on your head, do you think they really believe this? We are the central figure in our own universe. Do we know every hair on our heads? We block most of that with endorphins and other brain chemicals. Otherwise, there are nerves capable of sensing hair growing.

At least in a general way, we can be sensitive enough to feel the pain of each delicate little nerve ending as it picks up sensation and pressure from the tissue around it. Just ask a heroin addict whose body has stopped producing the pain-killing chemicals when opiates overloaded their circuits and their body no longer needed to produce any. So it was out of practice, and when the addict stops supplementing, they go into withdrawals.

So, if we are not conscious of the hair, how can god be?  The answer is simple and in harmony with all there is or will ever be. The hair is conscious.