Success Vector
Align your self-image with your purpose and actions for the life of your dreams.  Have you had a lack of motivation?  Are you off your track?  Do you sometimes wonder if you are important or valuable? Move beyond the mediocrity of life into a thriving and expanding experience of joy and freedom.

Grown primarily from the personal experiences and education of DJ, who rose from the ashes of conflict and desperation to make his life meaningful and prosperous. Success Vector brings you the very best in mental state freedom.  They reset your embryonic intentions to thrive and be healthy.  They also bring the future into focus and give you the support and momentum to accomplish what has likely been lacking in your life.  Perhaps the most exciting thing of all is how they present the tools to a more satisfying love and life.

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Understanding Success Vector:
Success vector is an approach towards understanding the universe. The universe seems to exist in various forms. This includes mathematical formulas, gravity, radiation of different forms, and light and all its native aspects (whether they are gamma, infrared, or some other form of light).

One can come across countless ways of understanding the phenomenon going throughout the universe especially while understanding the success vector. Each of these ways has its own attributes and offers one with the ability to move from what the normal reality is. When observed closely, you will realize that you are constantly involved in thoughts about the things that are taking place in your awareness. In simple terms, people are involved within themselves and their personal judgments and opinions, more than being present for the experience.

While understanding the success vector, one could get definite answers to what is ‘awareness of self.’ Evaluate the awareness that resides back behind the vision you own, the thing you are hearing, and the thoughts you are thinking. Focus upon the part within you that lets you experience reality directly. Before you put your own inferences or make any judgments, experience the prior state. Understand your state, before you experience yourself in relation to whatever you are currently experiencing or before you blame or credit others who may or may not be responsible for the experience. The focus should be upon understanding the actual personal experience because that is the exact spot where we will be able to find who we really are. One needs to understand that we are not only experiencing things that are going on but that we actually are the experiencer. Once we bring ahead that experience, we can have complete awareness about what is going on in our reality.

Well, this might sound challenging. Many people refrain themselves from understanding what is going on in reality. They make themselves involved in drugs, drama, and other things that do not let them have a look at the harshness of reality.

As we all know, reality can be very harsh and painful at the same time. Think of the primitive man who had to deal with the environment on a more direct way than we do today. Also, think of the insects, the predators, and other animals. All such sensory input comes out as valuable information. They manage to protect and feed early groups. However, when the safety of cities came in to picture, some of this was not needed.

It is still here, though! We humans still have excellent sensory organs. Since the role they play has diminished drastically, many people have started shutting down and hiding their consciousness from painful things, which makes them more vulnerable. Humans should, however, make use of their ability to open up to the experience despite of the fact that sometimes it might be painful, extremely sad, or very joyous.

We can be who we are only when we open to ourselves as we are having experience. This is what success vector is all about. The moment when we realize that we want something different in our reality than what we are currently experiencing, we get awareness of reality that is happening around us. We can bring in significant change by becoming a lot more influential in our ways.
DJ, Primary Navigator:

DJ long ago recognized a need to put into perspective the nature of consciousness and its interaction with the world around us.

Using NLP and Buddhism to learn a language of the mind and gain an understanding of happiness and success, DJ has developed a simple shift in perception that can help shift your thinking from lackluster to a shining example of your best self ever!

Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome. -Booker T. Washington