Happiness is something you have to rediscover sometimes.

You have fallen into some unhealthy forms of thinking , your career has taken a slump, or you just cannot move that widget corporation off the ground. It’s time to go seeking for happiness once more. In my understanding, your point of view demands reconfiguring on a day-to-day basis. The following routine can help. Make use of this practice every day to provide yourself a lift without caffeine (although that can always help).

Below is a 7-minute happiness routine to rediscover happiness in your life.

1. Prior to starting: Prepare

Do your assignment on your own happiness. That implies having the info you require within reach , such as any inspiring emails, handwritten letters from coworkers, or other material you have gathered that will aid you to think about your success. Have a compilation of these printed notes in a folder. You will also need a means to keep time for the seven-minute period (e.g., the stopwatch on your phone). And you will require a journal and a pen. Find somewhere no one is around. Play your favorite music on a phone or tablet if preferred.

Note: What if you don’t have any inspiring messages ? Well, this means that you are not looking hard enough. Dig deeper in your email or search around for greetings card from coworkers. Or ask workmates, friends, or your spouse to give you an encouraging letter. It may seem strange, but it’s OK to ask for affirmative comments.

2. Minute one: Check your notes

Program the timer for seven minutes, play music faintly, and begin the procedure. Review your notes by browsing through them one by one, and bring out your journal. Jot down at least five things from the printed notes that are inspiring to you. What did you do right? Why was the project successful? In what way did you participate? Make sure you note down how you portrayed a role. Keep an eye on the time and write these notes in a journal for precisely one minute and then halt.

3. Minute two: Inhale a little

You have recorded your success. Now, relax. How does breathing in a slow manner aid you attain happiness? Research shows it places you in a more comfortable mental state. More importantly, it helps you think clearly. Take one minute to just sit and inhale and exhale, grooming your feelings for the following two steps. Miraculously, hardly any of us actually stops and breathes purposely in a whole workday. Do it!

4. Minutes three and four: Record down your greatest stressors

For the succeeding two minutes, write down whatever that is stressing you out. You cannot conquer something if you do not know what it is. Write down at least three things confronting you today. These could be the details that are causing you to be unhappy or anxious; they may just be challenging duties . Having a journal works because you are recognizing your everyday trials. By recording them down, you take an action toward conquering them. You cage them. You make a boundary for them.

5. Minutes five and six: Recite your notes out loud

I’m not really certain where I got this, but it is extremely helpful: Did you know you cannot talk out loud and think a bad thought at the same time? That is why, for the next minute, things might get a little awkward and that’s OK. Recite your most inspiring notes out loud. Utter them gently and thoughtfully. Shout them if that helps! You have my consent to get a little sensitive in this step. Most importantly, by voicing out the affirmative and inspiring notes you penned down earlier, you take a step forward in turning them into reality. You give them substance.

6. Minute seven: Debrief

When the timer hits six minute mark, it’s time to interrogate yourself. What did you learn? In what way were the inspiring messages useful ? Do you need to replicate an encouraging note? Are you still stressed out? Review what you wrote down and the trials you face. Create a quick plan to deal with the stressors, but mostly enjoy what you learned.