Do you sleep without pajamas? Or are you more comfy surrounded in the best silk PJs?

If you’re the latter, then we are on a mission to turn you to the dark (naked) side with a collection of remarkable truths as to why you must to dump your jammies and sleep in the buff. It actually benefits you.

Well anyway, pajamas are exaggerated.

How much do you usually spend on set of pajamas? And just how often do you clean them? Now, imagine just how much money/time you could save by not wearing PJs?

Revolutionary, you think? We think so too.

Body Bonding with Oxytocin
Naturopathic Doctor, Natasha Turner, blogged for Huff Post Canada uncovering that sleeping naked next to your partner causes your body to release a happy hormone called oxytocin.

This arises during skin to skin contact and can aid lessen stress and depression. You can also thank oxytocin for decreasing blood pressure, enhancing gut motility, and decreasing intestinal inflammation. Plus, your sex life could possibly improve.

Drift into a Deeper Sleep

Some forms of sleeping disorders are linked with defective regulation of body temperature. Did you know that? The Los Angeles Sleep Study Institute states that this does not only affect your sleep cycle but it also prevents you from going into a deep sleep.

Sleeping unclothed can help normalize body temperature, which means that you will be snoozing deeply in no time.
Stay Young
As a continuation on the topic of regulating body temperature, if you desire to have your beauty sleep then Natasha Turner recommends that you keep your temperature lower than 21˚C when in bed. And one way to that is, you got it right, sleeping naked.

This permits anti-aging hormones and melatonin – a regulator of the body’s sleep-wake cycle and antioxidant/free radical hunter – to work properly.

You’ll Feel Liberated

What could be better than just lying on bed, sporting nothing but air, and feeling free?

Encourage Happy Hormones
Wearing clothes to bed (or sleeping underneath thick covers) inhibits the release of growth hormone (HGH), which means you won’t burn fat while you sleep or take advantage from the night-time restoration of your bones, skin, and muscles.
Sleeping naked also normalizes cortisol levels, which is vital if you want to keep away from: impaired immunity, elevated blood pressure and/or cholesterol, heightened appetite, disordered sleep patterns, lowered libido, increased cravings for sweets and carbohydrates, and intensified PMS.

Boost Self-Esteem

If you have body concerns, then sleeping naked could help you learn to love yourself. Become comfortable with your appearance by sleeping without clothes every night. Over time, you should be at ease with how your body appears minus the clothes, and you probably will even learn to appreciate how nice you look. Try it!
Maintain Healthy Sex Organs
Did you know sleeping naked can help lessen complications such as yeast infections? You will be decreasing yeast production, as it flourishes in damp surroundings, and your vagina will most certainly be grateful for it. Also, guys can also profit from sleeping in the buff as testes are kept at a suitable temperature, thus increasing fertility!

Improved Circulation

Get rid of annoying elastic clothing and you’ve got yourself a blissful flow of blood around your body.
Super Duper Skin!

When you’re naked, your skin gets an opportunity to really breathe. If you’ve got body acne (or even just a few spots on your back), then it might be worth permitting some oxygen to get to those problematic areas. Your skin is worthy of a bit of freedom, and it can make you feel better in return.

Do Not Be a Sloth

One other advantage of sleeping naked is that when you wake up it makes you more motivated to get dressed for the day ahead rather than hang around around in your PJs. See you later sloth! Hello human being!