Peace of mind in Health, Wealth, Love Life

Feel secure in your Health, Wealth, and Love Life!

Know your purpose – Find your path – Live your peace

If you’ve ever felt less than completely secure…  This is for you, read on…..

Have you ever wondered when it will be time to feel completely secure in your direction in life and your ability to change the world for the better?….

What will it take to know that you’ve got what it takes?  Feel good about the direction in your life and take decisive action to create the life you want!

Join us on a Thursday night.

What do you want in life?  Do you want more Health or Wealth? Maybe a better Love Life would make a difference for you.  How much overall happiness do you really have?  How much focus and direction?  How secure are you about your future?

We create happy focused states of mind in people.  We specialize in empowering you to succeed in the important areas of life!

We have specific programs to help you be more confident in each area.  We have the tools to help you understand your purpose in life.   Imagine you have already lined up all the resources you’ll need to succeed,  you’ve practiced putting them together, and now each step carries you further into the knowing that you’re on the right track, your track.

Imagine soon, you’ll have mastered these three simple areas of Health, Wealth, and Love Life.  How much better will everything be when you know that your direction is true and you’ve got what it takes.

suc-cess : noun \s∂k-ses\* the correct or desired result of an attempt achieve wealth, health, or fame. * the achievement of something planned, desire

vect-tor : noun \vec-t∂r\* to change direction or thrust of a moving object in order to steer it. * a force or influence

Success Vector


Joseph garver

DJ, I enjoyed your  class and the people in the class. I can see the benefits from what you teach.


This group is for those people who are looking to change their lives! It is not for people who want to get together and talk about their problems! It is for people who want to start living the life they dream of by reprogramming their thoughts! If you feel stuck in patterns of destructive behavior (as I did), then this is for you! Also, I would love to try the exercises with more than one person! ;-


I have gained measurable insight and skills working with DJ.
DJ's gifts combine real life knowledge in a fun and yet powerful expression that create effective change.

Lori Pinkerton

Measurable Change Since Working With DJ
Clarity of purpose and freedom to take actions that are clearly and deeply aligned with purpose. For instance, one of my challenges has been to get up early in the morning to do morning workouts. After just one session with DJ, I've been able to overcome this challenge and get up early in the morning with total energy and passion. Comment on Quality: DJ is fiercely committed to excellence when it comes to helping people achieve their outcomes. His passion and desire to help his clients is unparalleled.

Past Training and Workshops: Tony Robbins Workshops, Peak Potentials Workshops


This is a group who are NLP professionals 


I will attend future gatherings because it a great way to work on limiting beliefs, reframing perceptions and change language patterns.

Denise Menchaca





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